Bridal Accessories that are Easy on the Pocket

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Bridal accessories add that something extra to the most awesome of all wedding outfits. And the right accessories can make all the difference between a stylish or garish over made-up look. So when shopping for the right embellishments, make sure they add the Wow factor to your look. However, bridal accessories need not be so expensive that they burn a hole in your pocket. And as many bridal costume designers will tell you, your accessories must compliment and enhance the appeal of your wedding outfit rather than smother it. Since there is only a limited amount of precious wedding jewellery you can wear, you need to scout around for other alternatives. You will be pleasantly surprised by the collection of options out there.

Churas and Glass Bangles

In many Indian communities, churas and bangles have great significance. Churas are a collection of bracelets and bangles that are worn by brides. Made of red and an off-white color, they are embellished with colored stones and come in variations of shades of red. Similarly, glass bangles are mandatory as part of the bridal attire. And as you are probably aware, you can buy them in just about any colour that will match your lehenga or suit. Even if churas and bangles are not necessary in your community, you can still use them to add grace and delicacy to your wedding apparel. Combine your bangles with North Indian style kalire or hanging ornaments that can be coordinated with your bridal attire.

Bridal Accessories


As with bangles and churas, flowers are an accepted part of any bride’s outfit. Fresh flowers always add that very special finishing touch to every bridal apparel. Wear them in your hair along with other hair accessories to highlight your wedding hairstyle. But of course, there is the issue with the flowers wilting if your wedding celebrations last more than a few hours. Wedding outfit designers have a new option for you, that of using silk flowers that will hold up through the long reception hours.

Bridal Accessories--Ethnic Batuas

Ethnic Purses

Go for exciting and gorgeous pieces in brightly-coloured brocades embroidered with gold thread, sparkling sequins and stones of different hues and shapes. And since you will be using your purse with a traditional lehenga, saree or suit, you might want to go for Indian styled drawstring batuas or bracelet bags that are oh so pretty to hold and flaunt. Where to find them? Try any Indian crafts or souvenir stores and take your pick of the lovely bridal accessories they carry.


Traditionally payals or anklets were always crafted out of silver. But the anklets that you can buy today come in an incredible variety of beads, baubles and other embellishments. Whether you would like ghungroos or bells on them is completely up to you. But they are great bridal accessories and make you feel so pretty.

So, we have for you a collection of choices that you can buy to adorn and enhance that gorgeous wedding outfit you have. Bridal accessories like these allow you to go all out on your wedding day but do remember, you are the star of the show and these add-ons are only to make you lovelier than you already are!

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