10 Essential Maharashtrian Style Wedding Jewellery Pieces

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The jewellery adorned by Maharasthrian brides is simple,  but its artistic patterns make it stand out. Simplicity personified is how one can truly describe a Marathi bride. Bedecked in a paithani saree (from Paithan), a typical Maharashtrian bride wears a nath on her wedding day. The nath is a nose ring studded with beads or pearls. Nath



Marathi bride wears Mundavlya across her forehead. It is a string of pearls or gold beads that frame her face. It is considered auspicious both for the bride and the groom and a similar pattern is customary down south also.


Kolhapuri Saaj

Kolhapuri saaj is a timeless Marathi tradition. This beautiful necklace with a ruby studded in the pendant is very popular among fashion forward brides.

Kolhapuri Saaj



Representing the glory of the Sun, the suryahaar is a prestigious possession for families and is considered an heirloom passed on from one generation to the other. Surya Haar 3.bp.blogspot.com


The tanmani is a classic three or four strings pearl necklace with a pendant in the centre. The pendant draws maximum attention because of its unique craftsmanship. Tanmani wp-content/uploads

Mohan mala

Round Gold beads beautiful stringed in two or more layers looks fabulous with the wedding attire. The new version has an elegant pendant in the centre. It is a stunning neck piece that brings out the best in you. Mohan Mala



No Indian bridal attire is complete without bangles. The traditional bangles from Maharashtra, called tode (Pronounced as Toa-Day), are made of semi culture pearls n red coloured stones or pure gold and adorn the bride’s hands beautifully. Patlya and bangdya are gold bangles that form an essential part of bridal ornaments. Tode mirraw.com


Armlet or Vaki

This armlet or vaki also popular as bajuband is a visually appealing piece of jewellery and compliments the wedding attire. Vaki craftshopsindia.com

Earrings or kudya

Beautifully crafted out of semi culture stones, this is a favourite ear stud among Maharashtrians. Kudi or kudya are also available in diamond and gold in varied patterns. They look classy and give you that ethnic look. Kudi shopclues.com Mangalsutra

Since time immemorial these black beads with traditional pendants have defined the identity of a married woman. The Maharashtrian mangalsutra usually has two bowls/vatis. However these days, many brides opt for lighter version of the mangalsutra that has a single vati or diamond pendant. Mangalsutra


Which of these Maharashtrian bridal jewellery pieces do you own? Let us know in comments below…

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