The Dawn Of Men’s Jackets As A Style Statement

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The humble men’s jacket is probably one of the few statement pieces to feature so elegantly in both Indian and Western wear. Not only is the jacket worn at weddings, but it can look just as sharp in a boardroom meeting and yet add a casual flair if required in say, a pub like setting. Not surprisingly then, both Indian and Western designers are more than happy to give the jacket a twist in terms of style and in the way it’s worn. We thought it was high time that to-be grooms and best men took a look at the different styles that men’s jackets are now available in:

Suits & Blazers


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It’s not unusual for men to store the staples in their wardrobe in namely three shades- navy blue, black and grey. If it is a well cut suit that you desire to be seen in at the wedding, then we suggest going for an Italian cut. Ralph Lauren’s 3 piece herringbone suit deserves special mention here. Gaurav Jai Gupta who created waves with his acclaimed Akaaro label has designed suits which use fabric that has actually been made from stainless steel. The way to own a suit he says is to pair one with different accessories because that way, you’ll always have a different look to show off.

Wedding Wear


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Sherwanis, Nehru Jackets and Bandhgalas have always been a part of Indian wedding wear. But, Indian designers all for giving these traditional clothes a much needed makeover. Take for instance, Rohit Bal who featured short velvet bandhgalas as well as long embroidered black coats as well as white ones with actual jewellery. The overall look was nothing short of mesmerizing. Manish Malhotra who is also known for his sober pieces featured red as a prominent colour in his couture collection for the season. The emphasis it seems is not on just the embroidery anymore, colour and even fabric is now earning its spot in the limelight. Silk and velvet seem to be the top choices for men’s jackets.

Nehru Jacket

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men's - jackets

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Nehru Jackets or bundis are quirky and versatile, which is why they deserve a place in Indian weddings. And no, you don’t have to restrict yourself to wearing one for the main function. Since this type of men’s jackets are available in more than ten styles, grooms can have fun dressing up or dressing down as they choose. The reason why Nehru Jackets look good on all body shapes and types is because they can be paired with a kurta- pyjama, with trousers, with Jodhpuri pants and even with jeans. A good fit can work wonders in hiding flabby areas and giving the wearer an overall toned look. Plus, the Nehru jacket or bundi looks great in a 100% Indian look as well as in an Indo Western style.

Main image courtesy Rohit Bal

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