Makeup & Hair Tips That Every Bride must Know

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It is needless to say that every bride wants to look flawless on her wedding day. Hence we have listed a few successful makeup and hairstyle tips that will help a bride avoid pitfalls in order to look and feel good on her wedding day.

  1. Trial, Trial and trial– That’s the mantra for a successful look on your wedding day. Attend a trial session and entrust your makeup and hair only to an expert whom you trust completely. (While we have been giving many trends in hair and makeup all through this blog; you need not fall for them; rather go in for a look that suits you.)
  2. Time– Allocate enough time for your hair and makeup on the wedding day. If you have an early Mahurat, wake up as early as possible (though it may be difficult especially of you have had a late night Mehendi or Sangeet session the night before). For avoiding a puffy eyed look: do not indulge in spicy food and drink the night before, consume several glasses of water and apply icepacks on the eyes to help relax blood vessels and reduce the under eye puffiness.
  3. Research– Naturally, many brides are quite confused regarding the kind of look they want for their wedding day. While it is wise to get tips and opinions from friends and experts; it is also vital that you do some homework regarding the look you want. There are many online/offline wedding magazines that can help you choose a look based on your wedding colours and attire. You can also select a celebrity whom you closely resemble and choose a hairstyle suited to your particular facial shape. The key is to not get ‘talked into’ a look that just isn’t you.
  4. Touch ups– Do not forget to carry basic makeup items (lipstick, tissues, eyeliners, blush, etc) to the wedding venue. Weddings are emotional affairs, and while your stylist might have used water proof makeup, you or your bridesmaids must carry a handy makeup kit for small touch ups that will ensure great photographs!



Some more tips for the perfect wedding day look:


  • Carry an extra pair of shoes, just in case.
  • Apply blush liberally. This might look ‘overly done’ but will certainly ensure better photographs.
  • If opting for self makeup-do your hair before you do the makeup.
  • Do not go in for any beauty treatments a day before the wedding. Running off to a spa or salon might seem like the most tempting thing to do especially when you are undergoing stressful wedding preparations, but this has resulted in breakouts and nasty effects in many cases.
  • Do not forget the skin on your neck. Often a bride tends to pay more attention to her facial skin but forgets the neck. Strapless wedding cholis and deep neck blouses need complete exfoliation in the neck region to ensure a top-to-toe glowing look.
  • Always remember that most Indian wedding outfits have heavy veils thrown over them. So, if you are planning to tie your hair up in an elaborate bun or hairdo, it is very likely to make your head hurt at the end of the long wedding day. Opt for a hairstyle that is not difficult to maintain and carry.

These are a few tips that every Indian bride to be must remember for a gorgeous look on her wedding day!


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