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Wedding Invitations are not only meant for inviting and informing your friends and relatives but these invitations express your style apart from setting the tone for your special day. In fact they add a touch of luxury to your correspondence.

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It may be an age of electronic media these days but Indian weddings always give us a chance to bring back the idea personal correspondence. Wedding invitation gives the first impression of the event to your guests. It’s an indication of sophistication, romance, grace and bling.

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Precious events like wedding need to be announced with equally precious materials to add an emotional touch to your celebration. Designers make use of embellishments, silks and even hand embroidery with exquisite detailing to make the wedding invitation look like a piece of art. The traditional card invitation has totally been evolved with the passage of time. There are so many designs and shapes to choose from. Some invitations are so creatively designed that the guests can easily feel the magical bond between the couple. You can select the one that suits your vision or you can personalize your dream invitation to bring your vision to life.

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In Indian weddings, there’s a culture of giving a return gift to every guest. It may be box of sweets or chocolates and in some cases it may even be accompanied with a gold or a silver coin depending on the budget of the host. These days Indians prefer to opt for wedding invitation boxes which are a combination of invitation and a gift for the wedding guests. This also saves a lot of time as the host needs to select just one product in place of two.

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The invitation boxes are so beautiful that these can easily be used by guests to store jewellery or their personal stuff after wedding.


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