Ideas For Indian Wedding Favors

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Traditional Indian weddings are characterized by a great deal of gift giving. Right from the engagement ceremony to the post-wedding rituals and customs; all such occasions see a large-scale exchange of gifts.


The bride is gifted dress materials, saris, expensive jewelry items, household items and utensils, makeup kits etc which form a part of her bridal trousseau. Likewise the groom is gifted kurtas /sherwanis as well as jewelry and Indian sweet (mithai) boxes. The other significant relatives on either side also receive gifts in the form of saris, jewelry, sweets etc.


Apart from the main guests; the trend increasingly being seen is that of gifting all other attendees with Indian wedding favors. Wedding favors help show the bride and groom’s appreciation and gratitude to their friends and family members for having attended the wedding ceremony and given them their best wishes and blessings.

Indian weddings held abroad are, in particular, seeing an increased demand for customized Indian wedding favors. More than ever, Indian couples are celebrating the important event in their lives by gifting favors having unique designs and details that are typical to the Indian culture. Guests ,especially ones belonging to other cultures, are known to appreciate wedding favors in the form of miniature elephants, camels and other exotic animals, silk fans, wall-hangings, mirrored handbags, purses, clutches etc that are inspired by handcrafts  from states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. Couples are even opting to shop for wedding favors based on the theme of their wedding, its colors, the season etc. For example, classic Indian wedding colors include red, gold, paisley, rich maroons, purples, orange and green etc and one can have favors customized in these shades and hues.

An Internet search on Indian wedding favors will yield hundreds of ideas. Here are some that we love:



  • Elephant tea light/candle holders, figurines, place holders. The Elephant has a special place in Indian culture and, today, you have numerous choices in ‘elephant themed’ favors.
  • India’s national Bird-Peacock also makes for beautiful favors in the form of metallic/glass figurines etc.
  • Lacquered boxes with beads and mirror embellishments etc which also have utility values for holding memories, photographs etc
  • If budget is of concern; you can shop for inexpensive Indian wedding favors like tea bags -Indian tea from Assam is especially popular.
  • Sandalwood items also make great wedding favors. Genuine sandalwood is expensive but gives off a sweet aroma that is sure to impress your guests. You can shop for several items made from sandalwood-fans, boxes, idols of Gods and Goddesses etc.
  • Indian candles, Incense sticks and incense holders also make for inexpensive and unique Indian wedding favors.
  • A good Luck charm including pictures/figurines of the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi and Lord Ganesha who Indians believe helps one in all of one’s endeavors. Such favors also reflect your religious beliefs.


These are just a few Indian wedding favor ideas. Traditional Indian weddings are spectacular and vibrant affairs and yet, deeply meaningful. The scope and richness of Indian weddings cannot be described by words alone. Irrespective of whether you are having a traditional or modern ceremony, classic or contemporary, you can have unique and gorgeous custom Indian wedding favors that are sure to reflect your personality and style!

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