Drone Wedding Photography: What You Need to Know

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The trend and demand for drone photography at weddings is soaring high…literally. As Indian weddings get more celebratory and grandiose, couples are eager to try out new trends to make their special day even more awesome– be it from exotic destinations to varied themes to customized decorations. And the latest in all that’s en vogue at weddings is drone photography – promising to capture the best moments of your wedding from a completely new angle altogether!
What it is

Drone (commonly also called aerial) photography is – very simply put – photography captured by a camera mounted on a remote-controlled or unmanned device. The operator, on the ground, manoeuvres and flies the drone across the wedding venue, shooting photos and videos. Because of the position of the drone (and the camera), you get an amazing aerial view of your entire ceremony from various points – something that wasn’t possible before, even if your enterprising and adventurous photographer climbed up to the terrace or perched themselves on a tree!

Shashank Mhasawade, creative photographer, Moments That Matter, says, “Drone photography is fast catching up in big budget and destination weddings. The drone is now replacing those huge crane-like structures that we used to see earlier, with a video camera mounted on them. However, both have a different effect and usage. Drone gives you good shots of the baaraat, the overall venue, and the arrival of the bride, as it offers the bird’s eye perspective.​”

The best part

drone wedding photography


The results are simply stunning. Especially, as Shashank already said, if yours is a destination wedding. Sandy beaches, blue waters, lush greenery, mountain cliffs – imagine the wedding video opening with panoramic shots of nature in all her glory, at your wedding! And candid shots of all your guests. And all the details of your décor and flowers and lights. And of course not to forget you—the couple of the moment in your finery and loving glory!


The pricing for drone photography is a combination of 3 aspects:

  1. The operator’s skills in flying the drone and getting good shots
  2. The drone equipment itself – low or high end, flying time limit, and camera clarity (HD or not)
  3. The final output – will the photographer provide you with raw footage or a processed final video output?
    Accordingly, the pricing can range from Rs 10,000/- at the base level and go up to about Rs 25 to 30,000/- for a 6 to 8 hour shoot with 10 minute flights spread across the overall time frame.

Here’s also what you need to know

drone wedding photography

In addition to the all-important pricing factor, you also need to be aware of these finer details about drone photography.

  • The noise of the drone buzzing over you can be a deterrent, and some can find it distracting too. You can, however, overcome that by choosing to fly the drone when the music is on, or doing a dry run to check the height at which the noise will not be a bother. Which is why drones are preferred more at outdoor wedding locations.
  • You need to be careful around drones and possible collisions—they are not toys. Be careful to remove wires, drapes, poles, etc. – anything that can obstruct the drone’s flying path.
  • You also need to find out beforehand if you are allowed to fly drones at the venue. Not all venues permit aerial photography of any kind.
  • There will be only a few really good aerial shots. You should expect about 5 to 10% of the drone visuals making their way to the final coverage.

Keeping all these considerations in mind, it is still worth the moolah, says Shashank. “The best drone shot can make your wedding look like straight out of a movie. It’ll bring out the grandeur and opulence of the wedding decor and the glittering guests. Not to miss the oomph factor and your bragging rights after the wedding!”

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