Customized Indian Wedding Dresses: What You Need To Know

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Your wedding lehenga/dress is a critical aspect of your wedding day since all eyes would be on it. Naturally, it is a must that you “find the one” –the dress that suits your style and sets the tone of your wedding.  Since every bride wants her day to be unique, it is no surprise that customized wedding lehengas are so trendy these days.

Here are some steps to bear in mind when customizing the Indian wedding dresses.

Step 1: Find a designer/tailor you are comfortable with

This is a step that must be done even before you start browsing through dress patterns and styles. It is best to go to someone whose work you have seen and experienced.  They should come with good reviews and their work should show high quality, above everything else. Many stores also offer customized dress making services. Once you find a tailor/seamstress or designer, have them stitch a dress (other than your wedding dress). Ensure that you like how s/he works, whether they are committed to deadlines as well as their workmanship. Find out if they adhere to instructions given by you. Once you are comfortable with the tailor, you are literally set for life.

Step 2: Now is the time to get inspired.

We are assuming you have already been to different bridal stores. There are some brides who go to only one shop and find “The Dress” of their dreams. Still others have to scout hundreds of shops to find the perfect one. To avoid numerous trips, we recommend you go through this portal-it has tons of inspirational bridal designs, along with links to online places where you could buy them from. Alternatively, your chosen designer/tailor can also show you patterns of various Indian wedding dresses.

Step 3 : Pick a pattern

If you like the construction of a particular dress, get the picture to your tailor. Ask him/her if she is comfortable stitching a similar style. Discuss if you need the style and pattern tweaked a bit.

Indian wedding dress customized

Step 4: Choose the fabric

Select your lehengas/Indian wedding dress’s fabric as per the season you are getting married in. Silk, velvet, lace, chiffon are popular; most are also lightweight and can be customized easily.  If you mom is handing down any heirloom fabrics, get them incorporated in your wedding dress.

Step 5: Measurements

Get your measurements taken. Decide if you want a loose fit or whether the choli/blouse should be tight fitting and figure hugging. Decide how much mid-riff you wish to bare. Ask the tailor to account for inner straps to hold the underwear-straps in place.  For low cut or backless blouses have the designer provided padded support up front.

Step 6: Try it on…

Now begins the wait until the dress is ready.  Once it is, try it on. Have it altered where needed. Get the dress completed at least 4-5 months before the wedding. Try it out a week before the D-Day. If you have gained or lost weight, you might need last minute alterations. Store the dress using paper and dress boxes until it is ready to be worn.


Have any styles tips for other brides who are customizing their Indian wedding dresses? Let us know below….

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