Expert Interview: Indian Bridal Makeup and Sari Draping Artist

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Rashmi Jani, bridal makeup artist, hairstylist and Sari draping expert speaks to our readers regarding latest styles, trends and makeup tips. Here is the complete interview:


1) Tell our readers about your background…

I have a background in Law, Home science and fashion designing. I started my own beauty salon, RJ Makeup Studio, two years ago. I also teach courses on personal grooming, hair care and basic and advanced makeup. I also plan to start cooking classes as well as courses for educating young brides on their legal rights etc. My studio is located at Kalkaji in New Delhi. I was also recently featured in Hindustan Times in their Lifestyle section.

rJ at work 2

2) What is your advice for brides as far as their beauty routine is concerned?

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine must be followed on a daily basis for prepping up for the D-day. This should be done twice daily. Many brides-to-be do not give much importance to toning but a good toner is essential for sealing the pores. A moisturizer must also have a high SPF value. Additionally, every woman needs to use a good foundation; this protects the skin from the harsh environmental factors.

I also stress on drinking plenty of water(at least 3 litres per day). This can help improve the skin and also keeps diseases at bay.

3) What products do you recommend to your clients?

I would recommend products like VLCC,  BODY SHOP, SEACRET are good for skin. For Clients with sensitive skin, I recommend a patch test behind the ears to check for any allergic reactions, at least 24 hours prior to application of products.


4) How should a bride-to-be choose her makeup artist for her D-day?

I recommend that brides-to-be to go in for trial sessions of makeup and hair-styling. Many makeup artists only charge nominal amounts for such trials.  At RJ Makeup studio, we include the trial session fees in the final bridal makeup/hair packages. Try out different colors and styles based on your wedding attire/colors and choose the one that suits you the best. This can help you make an informed choice.

5) You also do sari draping. What styles of draping do you specialize in?

We do Sari draping in a variety of styles including Gujrati, Maharashtrian and other styles that are popular across different cultures in our country. We also recommend styles to brides based on individual body types: skinny brides can have their sari draped in a manner that fills them out; conversely, brides on heavier side can drape their saris to make them appear slimmer.

Sari final

Sari-1 Final

6) What are the trends this season? What colors are popular? And which hairstyles do you recommend for 2013?

Trends come and go, but I generally recommend not following them especially if they are not going to suit one’s personality. If a bride has small eyes or under-eye dark circles, smoky eye makeup is not going to suit her. So, just because something is in vogue, you should not go in for it.

I generally advice not to go in for anything new such as a new haircut/style as the wedding is the most important occasion in one’s life.

7) What is the best way for a bride to contact you?

My contact number is +919971767828. One can also reach us through our Facebook business page


All images courtesy Bhaven Jani.

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