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Want fairer skin before your wedding? Or do you simply wish to relax before your D-day? In either case, there are myriad options for you to look and feel your best during this most special occasion in your life. weddingsonline India spoke to Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta, renowned Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon and the brain behind Aesthetics Medispa Cosmetic Surgery &Wellness Center ( Pune) regarding some surgical/non-surgical treatment options that are available for the Indian bride and groom.

Dr Ashish Davalbhakta

weddingsonline: Please tell us about yourself, your background and how you began Aesthetics Medispa Cosmetic Surgery &Wellness Center?

Dr. Davalbhakta-I completed my MS in General Surgery from Pune University and then acquired my Masters in Plastic Surgery from Bombay University in 1996. Thereafter, I went to UK to specialize further in reconstructive and aesthetic Plastic surgery. When I returned to India in 2005, I realized that there were very few comprehensive medispas that offered a perfect blend of aesthetic cosmetic surgery and luxurious spa treatments under one roof. That is how Aesthetics Medispa came into being nearly 5 years ago. Our team at Aesthetics Medispa believes in empowering the modern day spa goers with tools and education to look and feel good from inside out. Our team comprises of breast and cosmetic surgeons, cosmetologists, cosmetic dentists, nutritionists and wellness consultants. Aesthetics Medispa thus offers plastic, cosmetic and other non-invasive health/wellness and spa treatment.

weddingsonline: How do you address cosmetic concerns of brides and grooms?

Dr. Davalbhakta: We perform a complete evaluation of their basic needs and take a call as to how to serve them in the best manner possible. We offer invasive, non-invasive and rejuvenating treatments that can help reverse effects of bad genes, weather and time. Premature ageing, tired and baggy eyes, crow’s feet, under-eye dark circles, can all be corrected.

Many young brides-to-be suffer from acne scarring, for which we offer Glycolic peels, Electroporation (a technique that helps cosmecuticals penetrate deeper into the skin) as well as facial masks. We also offer Botox, fillers, microdermabrasion, laser treatments and medicated facials to help them reverse signs of sun damage, poor nutrition etc.

For women interested in permanent hair removal, we have Laser solutions which are non invasive and have very little downtime. These can be used for replacing painful waxing, electrolysis and other conventional treatments.

We also perform surgeries for congenital defects like prominent ears, rhinoplasty for nose re-shaping, breast augmentation, hymen reconstruction, dermis fat grafts and implants for small penises, surgeries and liposuction for fat deposit removal, Brazilian buttock augmentation for flat buttocks etc.  These are a few surgical treatments which are gaining popularity among the modern Indian brides and grooms.

We also have treatments for hair loss/alopecia which include spa therapies, Mesotherapy and micro follicular hair transplants.

weddingsonline: Are there any treatments that you recommend the week of the wedding, or leading up to the big day?

Dr. Davalbhakta: Fillers and Botox are recommended at least three weeks prior to the wedding. A week before the wedding, brides can go in for chemical peels. These can leave a little redness, especially if one has not had them in the past. We advise not to go in for anything new before the big day; however one must definitely go in for some relaxing and pampering massage a day before, as Indian weddings can get very stressful. The kinds of treatments we suggest are all based on individual skin analysis.

weddingsonline: What products do you use?

Dr. Davalbhakta: We use several International cosmetic skin care lines including US based Mene & Moy products. Our France based Remy Laure facials are also extremely popular. We also use California based Obagi® Medical Skin care systems.

weddingsonline: The average Indian bride wants fairer skin. What special treatments do you recommend for fairer skin for the big day?

Dr. Davalbhakta: We have several treatments that can help improve the skin texture, activate cellular metabolism and control the production of melanin. All these can lead to a flawless and radiant look. Depending on the skin type we recommend Remy Laure facial masks and several other treatments and products. We have natural moor based mud masks that offer astringent, cell stimulating and antiphlogistic(anti-inflammatory) effects that can help brighten dull and sun-damaged skin.

weddingsonline: Can you offer any advice regarding makeup for brides on the big day; any “DOs” and “DONTs”?

Dr. Davalbhakta: Indian brides tend to overuse makeup and cosmetic products for this special occasion. We would advise staying away from products one has not used before. Experimenting prior to a wedding can lead to severe acne breakouts. It is best to stick to a regular skin care routine that has known results.

We also advise our clients regarding the use of right cosmetics, cleansers, toners, and moisturizers prior to the wedding as well as for continued skin-care regime for life. Our nutritionists can also guide undernourished or overweight brides and grooms regarding a proper exercise and diet plan to follow.

weddingsonline: And finally, what is the best way for a bride/groom to contact you?

Dr. Davalbhakta: Aesthetics Medispa Cosmetic Surgery &Wellness Center is based in Pune, India. One can contact us using: Phone: + (91)20 25670500, + (91)20 – 65603040, +91-09623300763 or Email: [email protected] or visit our website

Here are some images of the spa, based at Model colony, in Pune, Maharashtra.

aesthetics medispa -2

The entrance to Aesthetics Medispa, Model Colony, Puneaesthetics Medispa

The ambience inside the spa.

(All Images courtesy Dr Ashish Davalbhakta and Aesthetics Medispa)


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