Expert Speaks: Trends and Tips in Indian Wedding Accessories for 2014 Brides-to-be

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Looking for the latest trends in Indian wedding accessories? We spoke to Delhi-based designer Archana Chojar regarding the same….

Archana believes that art is the best form of expression, thus resulting in all her Indian Wedding Accessories being exquisite and tasteful. What makes her stand out from the crowd is her emphasis on each thing being exclusive yet pocket friendly. Here is the complete interview….


  •     How did you get into designing wedding accessories and jewellery?

 The field of jewellery designing happened to me because of my love for fashion and Indian Wedding Accessories. I have always been very passionate and fond of jewellery. Having pursued MBA, I do not have any formal training in this field, which I feel gives me more of a practical edge as I concentrate on the wear-ability of the design, rather than just making the jewellery look good. It is purely a hobby based profession. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to follow my heart and chase my passion.

For wedding accessories and jewellery, I offer an entire line that caters to the brides-to-be. When we talk of wedding jewellery, the implication is of not only the jewellery worn on the wedding day, but of the entire trousseau. My designs include opulent pieces to be worn for all the wedding ceremonies and other delicate, light and chic looking pieces for the celebration of everyday.

  •         What do you love most about this profession?

Coming from the background of management, the fact that I can use the word love and profession in the same sentence is a great reason for envy amongst my friends (chuckles). Jokes apart, it is the dynamism that keeps the interest from floundering. Having said that, there is also something that is a constant and I suppose that is what people define as one’s “niche” or their identifying factor. From trend forecasting to making sure your individual design sensibilities find a place in each one of your designs, it is a continual process of bringing together what you love and what’s in trend, and that never fails to keep me on my toes. Nothing in this profession ever gets old or boring and that’s what essentially defines love!

  •         What has been the highlight of your career?

Since this is a hobby turned profession for me, the first time I showcased my line of jewellery was like a dream come true. Since then, each day has been better than the last in terms of both, professional competence as well as the joy and satisfaction it brings to me. The most satiating part is when a client puts complete confidence in you and trusts that you will cater to their choice without even specifying what exactly they want! This level of faith makes sure that I look forward to going to work everyday, and that is a beautiful thing.


  •         What are the trends in Indian wedding accessories that you have seen so far? And which trends are out?

Indian Wedding Accessories have evolved over the years with the progressively changing role of women in our society. Today the Indian brides-to-be are no more demure and shy, instead they are bold and well informed. The new age Indian brides-to-be are going for theme based looks these days which primarily are:

a. Traditional Theme:

She adorns evergreen classical jewellery and heirloom pieces in gold, kundan and polki

with perfectly contrasting semi precious coloured/ uncut beads. Her look is royal with an

old world charm.

b. Contemporary Theme:

She reflects a perfect blend of grace, elegance and sophistication. Her look is embellished
with sparkling diamond jewellery studded with complementing coloured precious beads
with cut work. This look is attained with the keeping it minimal mantra.

Over the top is definitely out.


  •         What is your favourite thing about the Indian wedding scene?

 Indian weddings are perhaps one of the most visually appealing weddings in the world. That, and the whole festive mood which is so infectious are my favourite things about the Indian wedding scene.

In terms of accessorising, heirloom pieces are my most favourite thing. Their beauty lies in the fact that they bind generations together, but more so because vintage is making a major comeback this season, especially in its navratna form! It is the perfect time for all the brides out there to flaunt the pieces that have been passed on to them, and it is of course never a bad time to raid that jewellery box you’ve been eyeing since childhood!

  •         What/who inspires you?

There are two things that I draw inspiration from – First is our rich cultural heritage with all the beautiful accessories that have been a part of it. Even mythology is a great inspiration for traditional designs. Secondly, Mother Nature for all the beautiful colours and the unconventional combinations of these colours.

  •       Who is your favourite Indian celebrity as far as Indian wedding accessorizing is concerned?

Kareena Kapoor Khan has made sure she set a trend or two at her big day. She carried off those traditional outfits with very vintage and time honouring polki, kundan, chaand baalis, pearls and gold pieces of jewellery with perfect elan.



  •         What do you think is a bride’s main concern regarding accessorizing for her D-day?

A bride’s main concern is and must be to make sure that it is your personal sense of style that is reflected in your accessories. Instead of going for what is in trend, go for what you will feel like a goddess in, and that’s the end of your concerns!

  •        What according to you is the classic Indian bridal look?

I would define the classic Indian bridal look as something not very modern but perfectly contemporary yet vintage. This look is a balanced amalgamation of the old world charm and the new age glamour. A term I’d coin for the same would be ‘Contemporary Vintage’.

  •    Any advice for bride-to-be out there?

 Brides are the center of attention on the D-Day, and this anxiety of looking the part often makes them wear too many accessories. Stay wary of this! As far as Indian Wedding Accessories go, always remember ladies, less is more. Choose one statement piece, be it your neck piece, earrings, maang tikka or paasa, and keep the rest of your accessories subtle in comparison. Do not get carried away and wear everything that will please the family! Over accessorising is also bound to make you uncomfortable, which may take a toll on that wedding glow which really is your best accessory and must not be compromised on.


Agile Handmade Fashion Accessories is a hobby turned profession for Delhi based jewellery designer Archana Chojar. A Masters degree holder in Business Administration, Archana turned her love for all things bejewelled into a jewellery designing and manufacturing career in 2010. Yes that’s right, not just designing but each piece of Indian Wedding Accessories is delicately invested with love and care and handmade by the owner herself. Blessed with a great aesthetic sense and a keen eye for detail, Archana’s skill is truly admirable and has been nurtured and developed over the years. This jewellery is made using Silver, Silver Alloys, Metal, Glass Beads, Semi Precious Stones, Austrian Crystals, Kundan and Meenakari work beads.

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