Fallen Off the Weight-loss Wagon? Here’s How to Get Fit Now

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Across the world, to-be-brides and grooms start following a weight-loss routine with a goal of shedding those extra pounds within a fixed time frame. Most often than not, at least 60% of these new fitness enthusiasts fall off their fitness goals within 6 months of starting. Some are even known to give up within a month or two. If you identify with these people, then read on-this article is for you!

Wondering how to get fit and back to your workout routine before the wedding day comes a knocking at your door? Then these 8 tips  will help you do so, without too much trouble…

weight loss tips


1. Its okay-If you ate those “strictly-prohibited” foods then no need to be harsh on yourself. It will be wiser to accept the reality rather than cursing yourself for the failure. We all are humans and we all fall for temptations.

2. Mark your excuses. What is that exact reason you sent to your head? Time shortage? Physical exhaustion? Money issues? To know how to get fit, it’s important to figure out what exactly made you fall from your fitness path.

3. Remind yourself your goal. That you want to look good and in shape during your wedding day. Visualize your slender self everyday and it will work like a motivation.

weight loss tips


4. Set short-term goals. Set little goals on a day to day basis. One bite-an hour of workout. It’s like taking small steps one at a time to achieve a big one. Because short term goals are easier to achieve and keep up with.

5. Find out your weaknesses and accept them. Say, you cannot get up early in the morning. If you accept this simple fact, you will never keep on lying to yourself that someday you’d go for a morning jog. Once you accept this truth, you will find a suitable alternative.

6. Seek support. It can be your best friend, your mom or dad, your colleague or your trainer, anyone who you think can support you stick to the fitness goals.

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7. Identify your cravings. Does your soul seek a pizza after an exhausting workout sessions? Do you have a sweet tooth that does not let you stay away from desserts for long? Do you know your cravings point out to something else about your body? Consult your instructor/dietician once you figure out your cravings.

8. Reboot your system. Yes, it’s time to learn from your mistake and turn your failures into the staircase to success. Pat yourself on the back-accept that you’ve failed and get up and get started on your goal, with renewed energy.

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