Get Married In Luxury At The Palazzo Versace Dubai – Everything You Need To Know!

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Palazzo Versace Dubai can make any dream wedding come true! Their unique combination of great food, dramatic neoclassical architecture and luxurious dining areas is beyond compare. Their stunning Gala ballroom has a seating capacity of 900 and can be split into smaller sections should you wish for a more intimate setting. weddingsonline India brings you the details you need for  getting married in luxury at this gorgeous wedding venue in the UAE.

1) Do you have different wedding packages? If yes, what are the rates?

Yes, we do have different packages starting from AED 400 per person with minimum of 400 guests. The difference in packages lies between the  amenities provided; details like whether the cake is included or whether the couple gets a complimentary one night stay at the hotel after the wedding. All package prices are inclusive of a service charge of 10%.

Palazzo Versace Dubai weddings

2) How many weddings do you hold on a given day? Can families book you exclusively for the day? Do you have a minimum number of guests for exclusive booking?

We only hold one wedding a day. The minimum we have for each wedding is 400 pax.

3) How easy is it for guests to park?

Very easy since we have valet parking for every event/ wedding.

Palazzo Versace Dubai weddings

4) Do you assign an in-house wedding coordinator? Can couples get their external wedding planner?

No wedding coordinator is provided by Palazzo, but the events person in charge handles each wedding. S/he is the single point of contact. Of course, couples can get their external wedding planner.

Palazzo Versace Dubai weddings

5) Will the staff dress according to the theme/wedding colours chosen?

We can be flexible!

6) Do you have any restrictions on the wedding decorations?

Yes, we do have certain rules when it comes to wedding decor. These are mainly from safety point of view. For example, we do not allow live fires and gas stoves. All decorators are made to carry ID proof. Personnel working at height are also supposed to wear harnesses.

Palazzo Versace Dubai weddings

7) Do you provide an area for outdoor events? If yes, what backup do you provide for bad weather? Is cleanup included in your rates?

We do have space for outdoor event. However, we do not provide backup.We do offer clean up services.

Palazzo Versace Dubai weddings

8) How can our couples get in touch with you?

They can email us on [email protected] or book Palazzo Versace Dubai through

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