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So, you are engaged and all set to tie the knot. Now, what are the next steps? Planning an Indian wedding can be quite overwhelming.  There are so many things and steps involved in the entire process: setting aside a budget, picking a ‘Muhurat’ and a venue, shopping, coordinating with different vendors for catering, decorations etc. Doing all this is a full time job; a job that can be greatly eased by hiring wedding planners.  Wedding planners put their creativity and energy  to give  their clients an exquisite and unforgettable wedding.Wedding planners are even more helpful when you are residing out of the country but wish to have a grand and memorable Indian wedding.

The following interview with  Kartika and Anant, of Indian Wedding Planners  can help readers  discover what this Jaipur based team has to offer as far as planning a spectacular wedding is concerned.

1.      What are the most important aspects of planning an Indian wedding? What can you offer your NRI clientele?
An Indian wedding is huge; there is the décor, the overall management and coordination between the different service providers. Planning an Indian wedding is basically a time-consuming job for the clients and they want us to take care of all the minute details on their behalf. Our clients basically tell us their ideas and we bring them into reality. We are based out of Jaipur, but we do destination weddings too. We have done weddings in Bangkok. But we basically love showing our NRI clientele the culture and heritage India has to offer.

2. How many clients per year do you handle?

We normally do 20 weddings in a year.

3.  How do you communicate with the clients?

Email, phone or in person. If there are any presentations, we naturally want the clients to see them in person.

4.     How do you handle emergencies?

We try to avoid emergencies in the first place by planning down to the smallest of details. We also ensure having a Plan B in place so that there is a backup plan for every scenario.

5.  Many clients feel that they will ‘lose control’ when they hire wedding planners. What are your thoughts on the same?

Quite the contrary! We ensure that we work with each client and get a sense of their ideas and perspectives. We also make sure that their essence and personalities are incorporated in their weddings.

6.      Can you describe a couple of weddings that have been very memorable for you?
All weddings are special to us, but of the lot we have handled, two have been unforgettable. One is the wedding of Jaivardhan, grandson of Chandramal Baid (our ex-finance minister of 25 years).  The second one was a Rajasthan based wedding of Hon. Jitendra Singh (Higher Education and Energy Minister, Rajasthan). We got to see a lot of political environment during both these weddings.
7.      What is the best way for clients to contact you?
Our email is [email protected]. You can also contact us via phone +91-92519-66666  &  for more details you can go through our webpage

Here are some pictures of weddings done by this team:




Jaipur wedding

All images courtesy Indian Wedding Planners.

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