Honeymoon in Goa: 10 Things You Must Pack

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Scenic landscape, old Portuguese buildings soaked in nostalgia, swaying coconut trees everywhere the eye can see and a laid back feeling in the air: all these signs indicate you are in Goa. Yes, this mesmerizing coastal area in the Western part of India is one of the hottest honeymoon getaways for couples in India and abroad. So, if you newlywed love birds are already up for spending that dream holiday of love and coziness on the sun-kissed beaches, midst palm groves and a urban landscape bustling with a carnival like atmosphere, then here’s a list of 10 things you MUST not forget to include in your packing list-

1. Beach sandals: The best thing you can do while enjoying your honeymoon in Goa as a couple is walk hand-in-hand across the beaches of Palolem, Patnem, Mandrem, Agonda or other unexplored, unspoiled pieces of cosy heaven. For this, you need to carry at least 2-3 pairs of beautiful beach sandals (flip flops will also do). Just remember not to use anything made of leather as this may get wet from the crashing waves.

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2. Sunscreen: Bring a huge bottle with you having a high SPF content and  UV protection. Well, nothing can be more romantic than helping your love apply sunscreen before going out. Don’t miss that chance!

3. Beachwear: Though Palolem is beachwear buyers’ hotspot for sarongs and swimming-wear cover-ups, you can definitely carry your own , especially if you don’t want to spend your time bargaining.

4. Swimming costume: Goa is one of those beaches in India where you can easily roam around flaunting your body in sexy bikinis. And, it’s your honeymoon too. So, get ready to kill your husband with those seducing curves.

5. Light and bright clothes: Goa is more than the beaches. It has a rich cultural side too which can be explored with your spouse. Plus you have the option to cruise. Therefore, you will need a lot of cotton garments. So pack your bag with a few sets of bright, colourful clothes. Better still, take some of that cover your whole body; the insects of Goa are quite reputed for their intervening attitude.

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6. Long trousers and gowns: For night walks, long trousers are a must and they will save your legs from mosquitoes. Long gowns can be used for your visit to churches and other religious places.

7. Hats: Beach hats, sun hats and beautiful designer straw hats for the ladies, while an elegant Fedora or Panama hat to turn the men into handsome hunks on the beach. You can buy a few of them from the local markets as well.  Don’t forget to carry your shades and goggles for eye protection.

8. Torch: Do carry one in case you are late returning to your resorts after  romantic night walks.

9. Sneakers: The roads are pretty bumpy in Goa. So, if you love-birds want to explore the city, you can go for walks around this place which is  full of old charm. For the long walks, you must take along sneakers to protect your feet and provide your limbs with enough support.

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10. Party wear: Not partying in Goa is blasphemous! So, pack your bag with a couple of sexy beach party attire. Also, don’t forget to bring a couple of formal dresses for dinners.

Pack everything without making the luggage too heavy. Most of these items can be bought from Goa too.

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