Honeymoon Packing Checklist for the Indian Bride: Are You Ready?

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Today we are presenting a packing checklist for the Indian bride-a list she will need before leaving for her honeymoon. Since it is good to be prepared always, we hope our brides will print this out and tick the items on the list as they pack. Please note  that this is a general list and there might be things that aren’t applicable to everyone. (Also note that if you are travelling by air, keep all liquids below 3 oz in clear plastic pouches.)

So here goes: the honeymoon packing checklist for the Indian bride…


  1. Clothes for summer/warm place- swim wear, flip flops, beach slippers, skirts, shorts, tank tops.
  2. Clothes for winter/cold place- Jacket, mittens, sweaters, shawl, socks, thermal wear, snow cap, scarf, gloves, snow shoes.
  3. General (at least 4 sets) – Dresses, pants, jeans, T-shorts, formal shirts, blouses, skirts, salwar kameez, dupattas, sari (though most brides wouldn’t want to wear one to their honeymoon), tights and leggings, stockings.
  4. Sleep wear- Gowns, negligees, tank and shorts, pyjamas, lingerie, robe.
  5. Active wear- Gym pants, sneakers and/or tennis shoes, T-shirts, sports bra and track pants for workouts.
  6. Inner garments

Personal Items

  1. Sunglasses and other prescription eyewear
  2. Purses, clutches or bags for matching with different outfits, beach bag etc
  3. Hats, scarves, caps, socks, gloves
  4. Costume jewellery
  5. Artificial Mangal sutra and jewellery- avoid wearing real jewellery while travelling
  6. Bindis, hair pins, hair bands, clips,
  7. Makeup items- Kajal, mascara, lipsticks, blush, foundation, sunscreen, lip balm, makeup remover.
  8. Combs and brushes
  9. Baby powder or talcum powder
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Moisturizer-day and night cream
  12. Hair oil
  13. Hand and foot cream, under eye cream
  14. Acne cream
  15. Face-wash, cleanser, toner
  16. Shampoo and conditioner
  17. Bath soap, shower gel, loofah
  18. Towel, napkin
  19. Razor and shaving cream
  20. Deodorant and perfumes
  21. Dental hygiene: toothbrush and paste, floss, mouthwash, etc
  22. Feminine hygiene products-sanitary napkins, tampons etc

Medical kit

  1. Pain medicines and fever reducers
  2. Anti-diarrheal and anti emetic medicines
  3. Motion sickness medicine
  4. Antibiotic cream and anti allergy skin cream
  5. Antihistamine for allergies
  6. Cold and cough medicine
  7. Nasal decongestant spray or medicine
  8. Eye drops
  9. Prescription medicines, if any
  10. Bug and mosquito repellent
  11. Birth control pills
  12. Adhesive tapes, bandages

Documents and other travel items

  1. Luggage locks
  2. Ear plugs and eye masks
  3. Travel pillow, small blanket
  4. Travel/medical insurance cards
  5. Passport and visa
  6. E-tickets
  7. Hotel booking confirmation printouts
  8. Driving license
  9. Travel itinerary
  10. Pre-paid mobile card, International card
  11. Scanned copy or Xerox copy of marriage license
  12. Pocket book with emergency contact numbers
  13. Travellers’ checks
  14. Currency-local and foreign
  15.  Frequent flier, special hotel membership cards

Miscellaneous Items

  1. Cell phones and charger
  2. Flashlight
  3. Binoculars
  4. Travel guide and maps/directions of the place
  5. Hand sanitizer, hand wipes
  6. Journal, diary, notebook, pen, pencils
  7. iPod, Tablet, laptop with cables
  8. Beach mat, newspapers etc
  9. Umbrella, rain coat, parka for rainy weather.
  10. Q-tips
  11. Duct tape
  12. Camera, case, batteries, USB stick, charging cables, Memory cards etc

Have we forgotten anything in the honeymoon packing checklist for the Indian bride? Let us know below!

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