10 Questions to Help You Find The Perfect Honeymoon Locations

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Answer these 10 questions to help you find the perfect Honeymoon locations….

Question 1: What is your budget?

Your budget will help you decide whether you want to honeymoon in India or abroad.  Now, if you are pinching pennies, it does not necessarily mean that you sleep in tents under the stars (romantic as that might sound!). There are plenty of mid-priced and budget honeymoon hotels which can give  you a perfectly romantic honeymoon without having to break the bank. You could also look for destinations closer to home to save money and time on travel. A short getaway with minimal travel time can be equally romantic.

Question 2: When do you plan on going on the honeymoon?

Spring, summer, monsoon or winter? Once you finalize the time, you can not just pack for the weather at the place, but you could also choose a honeymoon spot to avoid the weather back home.

Question 3 : What is your idea of the perfect honeymoon?

List down your “perfect honeymoon” ideas on paper, separately. You might like to hike on the hills, but he might want to stay in bed all day. If conflict occurs, simply decide on the activities that you both love: it could be snorkelling and scuba diving, shopping at local artisan shops, enjoying music on pristine beaches or trying out exotic local delicacies. This in turn can help you zero in on a honeymoon spot that you both love.

Question 4: What is your ideal honeymoon meal?

Is it seafood on the beach? Or perhaps it is a decadent 5-course meal in a 5-star restaurant. Would you like to pack a picnic to enjoy on the hillside? Or would you rather enjoy the local exotic cuisines which neither of you has tried before?

Question 4: What constitutes the perfect Honeymoon photographs?

Is it a world-famous landmark, or a water body in the background? Perhaps it is a pristine beach with white sands or an undisturbed dessert landscape? Choosing the right destination for honeymoon is easy once you answer these questions.

Question 5: What would you like to pack for the honeymoon?

Is it several new bathing suits along with tons of sunscreen, or comfortable hiking shoes? Or perhaps it is designer clothes and shoes along with a GPS?

Question 6: What activity do you find the most exciting?

Doing nothing, simply relaxing on the beach with a good book, visiting a local museum, parasailing, and scuba diving etc?

Question 7: The perfect view outside your hotel room would be…?

A private swimming pool or Jacuzzi, a lovely green mountain, white sandy beach with pristine blue-green water or a quaint little town having unique architecture, curio shops and sidewalks with little cafes?

Question 8: The ideal honeymoon hotel should have these features…..

A well equipped gym, sound-proof walls with clean beds, proximity to local tourist hotspots, or, perhaps, a beach at a walking distance?

Question 9: The ideal honeymoon travel would be….?

Comfortable with no jet lag, an ideal getaway of 3-4 days that does not require you to drive/travel too much, or conversely, several hours of flight- since getting there is half the fun?

 Question 10: Your ideal honeymoon souvenir would be…?

A suitcase full of local artefacts and paintings for your new home, a picture album with tons of photos, bottles of local wines/beers for friends and family, or just a tan and a new pair of hiking boots since you wore out your older pair…?


Answering these 10 questions can help you zero in on the perfect honeymoon locations. Do let us know which one you choose in the comment section below!


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