How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

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A bridesmaid isn’t just an important person who is with the bride every step of the way as she becomes a part of another family; she is noticed just as much as the bride is regardless of the ceremony itself. So, how should one choose a bridesmaid and are there any set rules to bear in mind while actually choosing one? We help you decide.


If you have plenty of cousins who are very close to you from both sides of the family, it makes sense to ask three or four of them who are closer in age to you to become your bridesmaids.  In fact, in most Indian families across the country, the role of a bridesmaid traditionally goes to the older sibling or cousin who the bride is close to. But, if you would like your best friend to be a part of the ceremony, you could ask her to be a bridesmaid too. Just remember to go with friends or family members you love and can rely on, because you will end up spending a lot of time with them as the wedding date draws near.


It’s also not unusual for parents to insist that a specific cousin who has travelled a long way to be a part of the wedding should be a bridesmaid or that since you were a bridesmaid at another relative’s wedding, that it is time to return the favour. Ideally, your group of bridesmaids should be girls who are ultra close to you and whose advice you can fall back on when it comes to things like shopping, picking out a wedding theme etc. And another important point to keep in mind is that your bridesmaids should also be able to get along with each other! Going out for short shopping treats, coffee together or enrolling for a class together gives your bridesmaids a chance to know each other informally.



A good way to ensure that an older cousin, a friend or a relative who is married with kids does not feel left out is by asking her children to be your flower boy or flower girl. Kids love the attention that they get as they make your path ‘sweeter’ with flowers and also enjoy dressing up for such occasions. And don’t worry about having more than two children walk down the aisle before you because we’re quite certain that the guests won’t have anything to complain about. Besides, having their parents around will make the wedding more stress-free for you as well.

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