Money Saving Tips for Destination Weddings

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When most couples talk about a destination wedding, the conversations tend to focus on the actual destination itself, the parties to hold, the wedding trousseau that needs to be put together and so on. Talking about the financial aspect may seem awkward for a yet to be married couple and that may be one reason why it’s much easier to talk about the other ‘fun’ aspects of a wedding.


But let’s be honest- a destination wedding will be an expensive affair, not just for you but for your guests as well. So, how and where can you cut a few corners so that your dream wedding isn’t heavy on everybody’s wallets?


Have a registered marriage before the actual ceremony

For most couples, it usually works the other way around but if you are keen on having a destination wedding, it may make sense to get done with the legal formalities first in your country. It will make your travel that much easier and in fact, some countries do insist beforehand on this. Unless you are fully aware of the legal process involved in registering your marriage in a different country, saving up on legal fees and other unwanted hassles is always a wise decision.




Choose your destination wisely

Remember- when you decide where to have your wedding ceremony, it shouldn’t just be affordable for you but for your guests as well. One of the best places to put up your guests is at a resort where there is something for everyone to do. Resorts also tend to have plenty of activity sessions and good facilities for both kids and adults to enjoy. If your guests have to travel quite a bit in order to be with you on your D-day, there’s a good chance they will want to extend their stay by a few days as well, so bear that in mind. Depending upon the number of guests, you could also ask your resort/hotel to give you a group discount or to throw in a few freebies such as exclusive spa sessions- we bet they wouldn’t have a problem with either!


Get professional help from the resort/hotel

Destination weddings are really in and if you’re putting up a star hotel, then there’s a good chance that they would have an in-house wedding planner or at least offer a wedding package. Opting for their in-house wedding planner is a good idea as the resort/hotel would already have tie-ups with a number of vendors. Choosing a pre-decided wedding package may not seem romantic but it will add up to some great discounts. If you aren’t too happy with all that is included in the package, talk to the resort/hotel about other alternate options that would still cost the same. Most places would be happy to accommodate such requests, particularly in the off-season.


Group Discounts

Flight tickets and other transportation arrangements can really cost a lot but thanks to the Internet which gives you the option of making online bookings, blocking tickets for your whole group can add up to substantial savings for everybody. Or you could ask your preferred travel agency to take care of all travel and transport arrangements for you and your group together. Low cost alternatives like travelling by train or even by a bus could be lots of fun especially if the whole group travels together.


Take advice from friends and family, but remember it’s still your sweetheart’s and your special day to celebrate!|\||||\|

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