I Zoom: Your Online Wedding Surprise Destination & How to Make It Legendary

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During these uncertain times, couples can no longer host large, social celebrations spanning several days. This has meant a dramatic shift towards more flexible alternatives – and online weddings are fast becoming a favourite! If saying ‘I Do’ is in your future, our easy to follow guide will help you create an online wedding that’s unforgettable.

 Novel Experience

One of the biggest perks of having an online wedding, aside from the safety and convenience, is the novelty involved. Few of your friends and family members will ever be able to say they attended a virtual wedding, and it’s certainly a unique destination! 

You may be one of the first now, but it’s expected that many couples will adopt this futuristic method of celebration in the future. It enables the bride and groom to enjoy their wedding in an intimate setting with beloved friends, colleagues, and family members in virtual attendance.

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Choose your streaming service

Zoom is an incredibly popular choice for video conferencing software, but it’s by no means your only option. There’s also Skype, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live to name just a few. You can even opt for more than one platform to accommodate your guest’s preferences.

e-invite your guests

 Put technology to good use by sending out an email invite or personalised video invitation, or by using an online service that replicates the experience of opening an envelope. To add a feeling of unity, include a dress code asking guests to wear the same colour on the day.

Sending a small gift with your invite is a lovely touch, and you can select a wedding favour that holds personal meaning to make it all the more special.

Formalise your wedding day format

 While a traditional 3-day wedding celebration may not be that easy online, you can incorporate elements of each day into your virtual celebration. You can hold your main ceremony followed by speeches and well wishes, a shared online meal, and a virtual sangeet – with singing and dancing included!

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Organise the ceremony

Chat to your maulvis, panditjis, or priests about how they can carry out the ceremony and rituals virtually. Parents who wish to give the bride away can light candles to symbolically show their intentions or say a special prayer or chant. If there are any family traditions, incorporating them can remind everyone of their special bond.

It’s a great idea to ask someone to be an MC to keep the occasion running smoothly, and they can encourage people to get involved with singing or dancing. If dancing is a big part of your life, get everyone to learn the moves to a dance beforehand, and then perform it together.

Decide on décor

Setting the scene for your online wedding is important, as it creates an atmosphere not just for you, but for your guests too. If you’ve decided on a unique wedding theme, use a colour palette and decorations to make your chosen theme shine through.

Just because your wedding will be virtual doesn’t mean you have to forego flowers, drapes or a canopy. These are easy to set up, and a florist should be able to deliver the necessary arrangements and garlands the day before. You can still have your dream décor, only on a smaller scale.

Music and lighting are part of making a wedding memorable, so select songs you’d like to play that have special meaning. Soft lighting is wonderfully flattering, so try picking a spot that gets the right amount of sun, or use candles and fairy lights to add ambiance.

Have a rehearsal before your special day to make sure everything plays out the way you planned it, and ask a virtual groomsman or bridesmaid to help you get it just right. You could even host a virtual rehearsal dinner to add to the authenticity of the occasion.

Dress for the occasion

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Virtual weddings give you more flexibility for attire, so wear what works best for you. Brides can choose a stunning sari or a beautiful wedding dress, or opt for eveningwear. Having Mehendi doesn’t have to be left out either. There are plenty of online tutorials that teach you how to paint it on perfectly.

Grooms also have multiple options, from kurta to a tux. They can decide on what they feel most comfortable in, and what suits the event.

It’s your wedding day, and just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean you don’t get to wear a beautiful dress or look dashing in a well-tailored outfit!

The big day

When your big day rolls around, be ready a good few minutes in advance to avoid any last-minute panic. Make sure your phone or tablet is positioned perfectly to give guests the best possible view. If you can, set up a tripod with a camera to take photos on a timer too. Once everyone has logged in, the ceremony can take place, followed by a virtual reception.

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Get a few important people in your life to make speeches and to share photographs that hold special memories. If you have a friend or family member that can sing, ask them to perform a special song.

After the ceremony and speeches, invite your guests to join you for a meal. You can set up a ceremonial table to match your décor and celebrate in style. If you have any mementos or pictures that are meaningful to you as a couple, place them on your table and ask guests to do the same.

Everyone can cook the same dish, or if possible, book a restaurant or caterer that will deliver dishes to your guests. This way you get to share a feast together, but apart.

Once all the formalities are over, it’s time to have fun! Dance with your guests virtually, make toasts, sing, or listen to music together. And don’t forget about the cake cutting ceremony! So many elements that form part of a real-life wedding can just as memorable online. You simply need to be a bit creative!

We can hear those virtual bells ringing already…


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