Royal Indian weddings: Ways To Evoke Romance and Glitz

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Right from her childhood, every little girl dreams of being a princess being swept away by her Prince Charming!


Having a Royal Indian wedding is a great way of living in an enticing fairy-tale world for a day or two. Today, wedding and event planners have made it very easy to help every woman live this dream and get married amidst pomp and flamboyance. Naturally, such grandeur and opulence comes at an expense.

Royal Indian weddings are expensive but also very popular; even celebs (like Liz Hurley) are opting for grand royal wedding ceremonies in the country.

Ideas for Royal Indian weddings


Irrespective of the culture you belong to: Gujrathi, Punjabi, Marathi or Tamil, you can have a royal Indian wedding conforming to the traditional style that your region calls for. You simply need to choose an exotic locale like a fort, a palace, a luxury resort, a heritage villa or monument to have the wedding at. Accommodation arrangements for the guests can be made in five star luxury hotels or, if permitted, at the heritage Havelis and monuments.  Popular royal wedding venues in India include: Jaipur City Palace, Jaigarh Fort, Rajmahal Palace etc. Your wedding can be based around themes like fairytale, Mughlai, Jaipur or Rajasthani themes.



Song and dance being an integral part of Indian weddings ,you can have local folk performances, Qawwali and Ghazal singers, Bhangra or other traditional folk artists to keep the guests entertained.



Transportation arrangements can also be ‘exotic’. How about impressing guests and treating them like blue-bloods? Have them driven over in vintage cars, on horses, camels or elephants! The groom’s family is sure to feel like royalty when made to ride up in Palanquins carried by ‘royal guards’ or decorated animals!


Catering can include regional and global dishes that are sure to please every palate. A variety of mouthwatering dishes and exotic menus can be arranged for the guests for every ceremony held during the celebrations.


The décor of royal weddings has to include a mandap that can be decorated like a royal palace. Fresh flowers can be used to enhance the décor- you can have the venue decorated with seasonal local flowers or exotic varieties can be brought in for the occasion. A number of factors need to be considered for the choice of décor and flowers: the weather, the season, the theme of the wedding, the colors etc. Likewise lighting effects can be utilized to highlight every part of the décor. Proper lighting, sound and laser effects can take the wedding to a whole new level. Décor designers, florists and sound and light specialists can help you choose the right elements.

Henna/Mehendi/Spa treatments

Local mehendi/makeup artisans can be called in to have a special Mehendi ceremony. Likewise you, the bride, can get yourself treated to special spa therapies and massage for helping you relax and get the desired glow on your special day.


Your bridal trousseau, attire and jewelry can all be made to conform to the theme of your royal Indian wedding.

A wedding held in a palatial hall or at a fort is sure to evoke a sense of romance and glitz and also mesmerize your guests with the imperial settings. Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated here on Earth; with a Royal Indian wedding every Bride and Groom is sure to have a unique wedding experience.

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