Indian Bridal Innerwear Basics

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Indian brides are unique-as unique as the country’s customs, colours and traditions. A great deal of thought and preparation goes in buying the bridal trousseau; there is inclusion of heavy jewellery, wedding attire in different types of fabrics, footwear, makeup etc. An important part of the trousseau is the lingerie. The lingerie or innerwear that one chooses for the occasion must have three important characteristics:

  • It should be comfortable
  • It should be flattering to one’s body shape
  • It should complement the outerwear
  • It should be colour coordinated with wedding outfits.

 As a bride, you are going to be photographed from various angles all through your wedding celebrations. The last thing you need is peeking bra straps and tight or loose innerwear that is unflattering to your figure. Hence, careful thought, planning and preparation should go in the purchase of bridal lingerie.

As soon as you have finalized your bridal Lehengas, saris, ghagras etc for wearing on different occasions and ceremonies, you need to choose comfortable bra-panty sets for the same. It is important that you try on each matching set and ensure that the undergarments are not peeking out of the blouse/top/cholis.

Low Back bra Converters

Strapless bras or low back bra converters can be worn by brides wearing low back blouses, backless cholis or halter tops etc. The low Back Bra converter helps bring down the bra by nearly 3 inches and resists ride ups so that the bra stays secure. Both, strapless bras and low back bra converters can also help enhance your figure and allow you to move comfortably throughout the day. Likewise, you can opt for clear straps bras in case you choose to wear sheer blouses or off-the-shoulder lehenga cholis.

Shape wear and inserts

Brides on the thinner side can wear lightly padded bras or silicone inserts for ‘creating a cleavage’. Subtle padding is great for low neck cholis and blouses. Make sure you are used to wearing wired and padded bras; else these can get a bit uncomfortable especially when wearing them for extended periods.

For brides on the heavier side, there is special shape-wear lingerie that can help them take off inches off the waist. Shape wear also come in nude, white or black and the nude ones are very popular since they are literally like one’s second skin. Stomach and hip-shape wear are known to have helped many brides make the best of their wedding attire by taking care of lumps and bumps.

Spice things up

Additionally, you would want to consider packing some beautiful and romantic innerwear for your honeymoon. There are many stores that sell lacy, satiny stuff that can help you spice things up! Satin robes, corsets, baby dolls, chemises and slimming basques are the trendy intimate apparel that is gaining popularity among the modern Indian brides. You can consider shopping for these items with an experienced friend/colleague but do make sure you try on each piece to ensure a comfortable fit.

Do not forget these Honeymoon essentials

Other honeymoon essentials include sheer stockings, T-shirt bras (these are invisible under tight-fitting tops and Tees) flattering bikinis or one piece swimwear (if you opt to go for a swim), sarongs and cover-ups as well as thermals, or warm innerwear in case  you are honeymooning in colder places.

Do let us know any additional trends and tips in Indian Bridal Lingerie and we will make sure to include those too.

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