A Tribute to The Bridesmaids

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Bridesmaid Colours Complement The Bridal Attire

The Bridesmaid Concept is fast catching up in Indian weddings. Most Indian weddings held aboard have the bride’s friends dressing up in unique Indian wedding attire that complements the bridal dress. In India, the concept of Karoli is quite similar to the concept of the Bridesmaid. A Karoli is the sister of the bride or the groom. She has many important roles and is also required to participate in many of the wedding rituals. In north Indian weddings, the bride’s sisters also play an important role in “Hiding the groom’s shoes” which we have discussed here.

Indian Bridesmaids Participate In The Wedding Rituals

Here are some important duties which the bridesmaids perform during the wedding:

  • She helps with the pre-wedding, post-wedding and in-wedding tasks.
  • She attends all wedding events held before and after the ceremony. These include the reception, the wedding rehearsal dinner etc.
  • She also acts as the auxiliary hostess at the wedding, often introducing guests to one another.
  • She has to be gracious and tactful, no matter how stressful the event is.
  • She provides emotional support to the bride.

The Bridesmaid’s Dress

  • The bridal and bridesmaid’s attire are complementary to one another. Since the western brides wear white, the bridesmaid dresses and colours indeed make for great wedding photographs.
  • In western weddings the bridesmaid pays for her dresses, shoes etc. She also arranges for the bride’s bachelorette party.

Most Indian weddings held abroad have bridesmaids wearing saris which conform to the wedding themes and colours. All these can greatly enhance the mood and add to the celebrations. If you are having trouble finding saris of same colours you can even opt for similar hues and shades. Some bridesmaids can even wear lehengas , salwar kameezes and other Indian wedding dresses in the chosen colours instead of having all the bridesmaids  wearing saris. The bride can offer to pay for these dresses. Saris can even be rented to save on costs. The jewelry should suit the wedding colours and theme. Same thing goes for the shoes and other accessories worn by the maids. Flowers are important and seasonal ones or ones that match the attire can be brought for the events.

What are your ideas for Bridesmaid dresses? Do leave your comments!

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