Indian Wedding Photographer of The Month: Medhavi Kotecha

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weddingsonline recently spoke to Medhavi Kotecha of  DKreate Photography about her experiences in the field of Indian wedding photography. Here is the complete interview….Medha-2

  • Tell us a bit about yourself? Why did you choose photography as your field?

I am very passionate about photography and I also love to travel. I like capturing special moments, meeting people and learning about different cultures. I chose photography because I have always loved using the camera, and would  spend hours  perfecting my shots. I also did a short course  to learn how to use the equipment available today.

  • As a woman in this profession are things different for you; in particular, do you feel that brides prefer women photographers?

getting ready

Majority of the Indian brides want to document their entire wedding including their “getting ready shots”. Naturally, they prefer a woman capturing those. Other types of photography such as portraitures too; people have been extremely welcoming in getting ‘clicked’ by a woman.

  • Please tell us about the different aspects of your job such as traveling etc? How do you cope with those, in particular, how do you balance personal life with all the travel?

Our clients ensure that we travel comfortably and all arrangements and accommodations are all very well taken care of; so I would not say that it takes a toll on our health/personal lives.

  • Do you work alone or do you always prefer working in a team?

DKreate photography has teams of photographers based in Mumbai and Delhi. So if we are shooting nearby these cities we do work in a team. It also depends on how big the bridal shoots are or if the wedding is a destination wedding etc.

  •  Who are the photographers you admire or ones who inspire you?

Photographers I admire the most are Tony Hoffer, Susan Stripling & Ryan Brenizer.


  • Your style of photography and the lenses you use…

My Style of photography is candid and non intrusive.  Lenses and cameras I use: Canon 35mm f1.4, Canon 50mm f1.4, Canon 24-70 f2.8, Canon 85mm f1.2, Canon 70-200 f2.8 and other lenses as per requirements. I also use Canon 5D mark 3, 5D mark 2 and 6D camera bodies.

  • What is the best part of shooting Indian weddings?

Every Indian wedding we have had the pleasure of shooting has had different rituals, different cultures and a charm of their own. It is always an enjoyable as well as an enriching experience for us to learn these different aspects of Indian weddings.

  • What is the one thing you always want to say to a bridal couple being photographed?

Just be as natural as possible, take your mind off the photography, do not get tensed and simply enjoy your day to the fullest. Let spontaneity lead the way!


  • Recently you had an opportunity to be photographed with the most beautiful woman on this planet, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan. Please tell us a bit about that experience?

(Laughs) That has been one of the best experiences in my professional life. I am always behind the camera and when Aishwarya saw a female photographer, she invited me to come in the frame. The rest is history….

  • And finally, what is your advice to other young women who wish to enter this profession?

Just work on your passion, do not fear the competition and simply go for it! It will surely work out well.

All images courtesy: DKreate Photography

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