Insider Secrets to Planning the Perfect Honeymoon: 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Consider your honeymoon as the first vacation you would be taking as a man and wife. Naturally you want everything to be flawless. So, do try and give it the same amount of attention as you have for planning your wedding. In western countries, research has shown that only 1 out of every 4 couple admits to having their ‘ dream honeymoon’.  So what could be the reasons behind not having ones’ dreams fulfilled as far as the honeymoon is concerned?

Here are some expert recommended reasons (and mistakes) why young couples might have to settle for less….

  1. Not seeking advice from travel agents

Travel agents have insider tips and help recommend deals and promotions that can help couples save tons of money. Moreover, many travel companies are known to negotiate on behalf of their customers to help them get deals on hotel prices. You would actually save a great deal of time on researching your honeymoon destination since your agent can give you tips and ideas to make your travel comfortable and memorable based upon your interests and budget. Naturally, it all boils down to choosing an experienced travel agent to do the job for you.

  1. Not allocating enough budget for the honeymoon

Couples (or wedding families) who have spent a great deal of money on the wedding usually try and save up on their honeymoon costs.  Think about it: a typical Indian wedding ceremony lasts for 2-3 days for 4-6 hours each. A typical honeymoon, on the other hand, lasts for 7-10 days.  So it is imperative that you allocate a comparable amount of money, if not more, to the honeymoon. By working with a honeymoon specialist travel agent, you can ensure having the best honeymoon that you have been dreaming of.

  1. Delaying the planning

Most couples plan their wedding starting at least a year before its actual date. However, when it comes to planning their honeymoon, most allocate only 2-3 months for it. This short duration is hardly enough to plan the ideal honeymoon. First of all, by waiting too late, most couples have to pay a premium for the flight tickets. Secondly, if they are travelling in the peak season the best rooms with the perfect views are usually already booked. Additionally, by that time, the budget is also less (as the cost of the Indian wedding has left everyone overwhelmed). Hence, as per expert travel agents, couples who wish to have the perfect honeymoon must try to book it at least 9-6 months in advance.

  1. Not defining what constitutes the ideal honeymoon

The fourth mistake couples make in this matter is not sitting down to enlist what constitutes the ideal honeymoon. Often the bride and groom have different ideas and tastes. So, it is very important to identify the common points in order to zero in on the best honeymoon locations. Do go through our post on 10 Questions to ask yourself when going for your honeymoon. This quiz will help confused couples identify the common priorities.

  1. Using the Internet for ideas

While the Internet is a great place to find the best honeymoon spots, it can also leave couples completely confused.  The honeymoon is not like your normal getaway or vacation and needs to be planned using “in-person interaction with a real agent”. This way, you can get all your doubts clarified and also see real pictures instead of photo-shopped and outdated ones on the Internet. An agent can also guide you regarding the things to take and pack as well as travel times, or other insider secrets regarding the chosen destination.

Use these tips and learn from other couple’s mistakes so that you can plan your ideal honeymoon.  Get the honeymoon you want and deserve without settling for something less.  Browse through our venue section to book your honeymoon resort.

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