Latest Wedding Trends Doing The Rounds This Season

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What is it about the wedding season that gets people so excited? Is it the thrill of not knowing what surprises the couple have in store for guests at the reception, the little streak of self-contentment that creeps in when a girl admires herself in a designer ghagra-choli or is it that modern day weddings are nothing like what the older generations once celebrated? We think it’s a little bit of all this and more.

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Indian weddings these days are not what they used to be and with good reason. Brides and grooms have a very big say in deciding the wedding theme, in dealing with caterers directly and even have a say in the colour of the flowers that will deck the reception hall. Most importantly, they are willing to splurge and are willing to go the mile to ensure that guests leave the venue bedazzled. It’s not about how many people turn up anymore; instead it’s all about what made this wedding stand apart from the others. At weddingsOnline, we thought we would take a look at the little ways in which brides and grooms are ensuring that their wedding is not only about following traditions, but  also about bringing a strong sense of personality and individuality to the ceremony itself. So, get ready as we share some novel ideas with you in our 3 part article on trending wedding trends:

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Wedding Picture Book/ Coffee Table Book:

Couples usually hire professional wedding photographers so why not get them to create a gorgeous picture or coffee table book as well? It not just looks really pretty sitting daintily on a small side table but it’s certain to catch the eye of home guests too. In fact, flipping through one yourself now and then is certain to bring a smile to your face as well, as you re-live all those wedding moments. It’s also without doubt a great way to re-kindle the spark with your partner as you both talk and laugh about the stress, fun and excitement that was in the air on that day. Choose from a variety of sizes and covers ranging from soft velvet to leather. It’s definitely worth the investment and it looks like this wedding trend is here to stay.

candid photographycandid wedding photography

Candid Photographers:

Speaking about photography, candid wedding photographers are happily dashing from one wedding to the next as they capture those moments which are otherwise considered ‘not camera worthy’ and that’s why we believe this is a wedding trend that’s here to stay. It could be anything- from the bride trying to get her eyeliner right to the groom nicking himself when shaving or the mother silently wiping away a tear as the pheras are conducted. Yes, these moments are intensely personal but it’s exactly these little gestures that you will remember for the next many years. It could be a mix of funny and emotional moments but getting your own candid wedding album is a sure treasure trove of memories. Get them done in sepia for added effect.

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