Natural Skin Care Tips for Brides to Be

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Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life- but the days leading up to it can sure be stressful! Keeping your skin fresh and beautiful is harder than ever in today’s toxin-filled environment- wrinkles, acne, and even sunburn can endanger your face just days before your wedding! Nobody wants that, so if you’re a bride to be who is concerned about the chemical agents in modern skincare and makeup, these tips are for you!

Drink More Water

Although you may be more concerned with the way topical agents react with your skin, your skin reacts to your consumption of food and drinks internally as well. Water is a key component to the body, filling cells with critical hydration. Skin cells, in particular, need ample water on a daily basis. Concentrate on drinking six to eight cups of water a day to keep the skin glowing and hydrated. Dehydrated skin takes on an unusual color, along with drying and chapping, which leads to more damage. Add a lemon or lime to your water to give it a citrus boost, along with some added taste. You’ve got to drink your water! Every aspect of your health will benefit from

Banana Face Mask

Mash up a browning banana, and smooth it on your face for an instant facial. Bananas offer antioxidants, allowing your skin to moisturize and exfoliate old cells away at the same time. You can even add yogurt or honey to the banana for extra moisturizing. This natural facial alternative allows you to save money on bananas that would otherwise be thrown out, and boost your skin’s health. Leave the banana on the face for 10 minutes for the best moisturizing. Even add cucumber slices to your eyes to reduce puffiness, especially after a long day or night.

Fruit and Yogurt Cleanser

Take that aging tomato in the kitchen, and mash it with some yogurt. Add olive oil and vinegar to make this natural cleanser. The tomato’s acidity helps your pores open up, while vinegar acts as an astringent. The yogurt is the cleansing agent, creating a healthier looking glow. Olive oil simply brings its moisturizing effect, allowing your face to be clean and natural at the same time. The tomato on its own is also a fantastic way to treat set-in sunburns.


Bath Time

Don’t pour that chemical-laced bubble bath mixture into your next luxurious bath. Instead, use bath salts in warm water to exfoliate your skin completely. As you lay in the water, the warmth keeps your skin relaxed, as the salts allow dry skin cells to release from the body. You’ll find your skin completely rejuvenated, without an expensive spa purchase.


Skip the Guacamole

Instead of serving your guests chips and guacamole, turn your next get-together into a natural facial experience. Mash up avocados, placing the puree on your face for skin-softening action. You can even place it on dry joints, including knees and elbows, to moisturize the skin effectively. The healthy fats in avocados also boast critical biotin and vitamin E. Both of these nutrients are necessary for healthy skin and overall body health.

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Finding natural resources to keep the skin healthy requires some creative thought about available nutrients and vitamins. Organic skin care is another option, if you don’t have ample fruits in the home. To avoid any chemical skin care brand, simply read the ingredient list. If there is a long list of ingredients, it is usually not natural or organic. Usually, organic skin care products will be quick to mention that they are organic on the label!

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Cammie Channing is a dental hygienist and health writer from Tucson, Arizona. Her interests include dentistry, reviewing med spas and skincare products, and general health.


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