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It is an honour to introduce you to talented wedding photographer Neha Jiwarajka-Basu CEO of Neha Brackstone Photography. Neha specialises in all kinds of wedding photography but destination weddings are her forte. She has shot in some amazing locales that have truly wowed us, as you will see from the images below. We hope you enjoy learning about how Neha got into wedding photography and why she strongly believes it is her true calling.

1. Please tell us about your business. What inspired you to get into photography?

I got into photography by chance. I started photographing kids at a day care I owned in the UK and that made me realise how much I enjoyed being behind the camera. The children’s parents loved the images I had clicked and that further encouraged and motivated me. My hobby later turned into passion when I started documenting weddings for close friends and family members. This gave me a chance to be up close in  action. Today, I document proposal and pre-wedding shoots, big fat weddings and everything else that comes with it, maternity shoot, baby showers, newborn shoots, and kiddie parties with an inimitable style.
best wedding photography India Neha Brackstone

2. How far in advance do you encourage wedding couples/families to book you?

As soon as the weddings dates have been fixed and the venue has been decided. Dates in the wedding season get booked up to a year in advance so it’s best to book as soon as possible.

3. What or who inspires you?

The people I photograph are my inspiration. Their personalities, quirks, their life and love stories and the relationships they share with those they love. Helping them feel at ease in front of the camera and bringing out the essence of these relationships in the photographs unveils the most beautiful moments, which they will cherish forever. This raw authenticity of the candid moment is what inspires me.

4. What are your 5 favourite things about Indian weddings?

  •  The displays of emotions at every stage. Parents and grandparents bursting with happiness on the dance floor, welling up watching their son or daughter tying the knot.
  •  The vibrance and colours of the decor.
  •  The beautiful ornate outfits and jewellery.
  • The crazy dancing at the Sangeet, baraat and after parties.
  • The food!!

5. Share 4 of your best wedding images? What makes them special?

 The 1st one is of a baraat in Italy – just seeing this image can transport one into the most colourful entertainment-filled baraat I’ve ever witnessed.
Best wedding photography by Neha brackstone photography
The 2nd is of a couple during their wedding ceremony in Hyderabad – their laughter is contagious and we all know that couples who laugh together last together :)..
Top wedding photographer Neha Brackstone Photography
The 3rd image is of a wedding in Jaipur. You can almost hear everyone laughing and these moments are what make a celebration special.
Best wedding photographer in India Neha Brackstone Photography
The 4th image is of a bride giving her dad a kiss as he covers her with haldi. The relationship between this bride and her father is adorable.
best wedding photography by Neha Brackstone

6. Have you captured any challenging weddings? What made them challenging?

I photographed a wedding in Pondicherry during the time of the floods in Chennai. The entire wedding was supposed to take place outdoor by the poolside with beautiful daylight and due to the rains it was shifted indoor. The challenge was to capture the fun despite not having the beautiful setting. It made me think out of the box and come up with different angles I could shoot from to make the wedding look as beautiful as possible.

7. What is the difference between weddings held in India and those held abroad from photography perspective?

There are a lot more rituals and functions in Indian weddings compared to the ones abroad. Rituals involve more family members and friends, and we get the opportunity to photograph them in memorable moments.

8. Any advice for our couples to be-especially the camera-shy ones?

Interview with Neha brackstone photography

In the lead up to the wedding, couples rarely get the time to chill together as they are so busy preparing for the wedding, running around making decisions, shopping and attending lunches and dinners. When they are getting a pre-wedding Shoot done, my advice to them is to just focus on each other and enjoy their time together. This will make the photographer’s job so much easier and will result in some lovely natural photos of the couple.

All images: Neha Brackstone Photography. To book her for your Big Day, click here.

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