Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2012-Lahore

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We love Fashion shows and we aim to inspire our brides (and grooms) to be, through them. Recently we posted about the India Bridal Week 2012 and our readers showed an amazing response to it. Continuing on those lines, we present to you the pictures from Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2012. The show, which is held twice each year in Pakistan, opened to a packed house in Lahore. The Pantene Bridal Week initiative was started a couple of years ago to showcase Pakistan’s changing bridal fashion trends. According to experts in the industry, the PBCW is considered as one of the most anticipated fashion shows in the world today and has exceeded expectations with every passing year.

The three day event started off on the 14th of October 2012 and consisted of an interesting blend of glamour, fashion and entertainment. Prominent Indian designers like JJ Valaya, Gautam Rakha, Muzzafar Ali etc have also showed their creations in the past at the PBWC.  The show this year also had Indian designers along with a mix of local Pakistani designers as well as the country’s leading experts in the field. The last day of the show had a special segment called ‘The Grand Couturiers’ that featured the designs from the country’s top thirteen designers  including  Amir Adnan, Umer Syed, Nilofer Shahid etc.

Nearly forty models from across Pakistan showcased these creations. The stage was decorated Mughal style with fresh flowers, arches, jharokas and chandeliers.

Without further delay here are the pictures.


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