Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding – Part 2

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In the sequel to ‘Plan the perfect beach wedding- Part 1’, we look at the people who make every wedding a celebration of life and love – your family and other loved ones.



Give them the necessary details

Surprising your loved ones and friends with a teaser wedding invitation and keeping the actual venue suspense is honestly something that very few couples can pull off successfully. If that’s what you would like to do celebrity style, then be warned that it will be heavier on your wallet because you have to plan for everything from a-z which also includes flying your guests down (if required), taking care of their clothing and other toiletries as well as looking after a hundred other details. Giving your guests a warning about the venue beforehand allows them to prepare for the journey or ceremony accordingly. You’re less likely to have any nasty surprises which could ruin the whole occasion later.


Make your guests feel welcome

A wonderful way to show your guests your gratitude for keeping aside everything else and choosing to be a part of your big day is by gifting each of them a welcome hamper. This could include anything from beach toiletries like sun tan lotions and creams to thoughtfully embroidered blankets, shawls or even sun hats. Depending on how much you are willing to shell out, you could even opt for customised services like in-room massages for guests. Or how about gifting them a free para-sailing or speed boat experience? You’ll find that most beaches in Goa offer such water sports facilities.


Keep your guests comfortable

Remember- comfortable guests are happy guests! Irrespective of whether you’re planning an early morning ceremony or a late evening one, ensure that all your guests are comfortably seated and have adequate refreshments by their side as well. Canopies or large umbrellas on the sand are also a welcome idea for those guests who cannot bear sitting in the sun for long. A back-up plan just in case the weather plays truant and you’re faced with the only option of getting married indoors, should also be top priority. That way, you’ll also minimise the possibility of any unpleasant incidents or accidents too.



Gift them a keepsake

Let’s be honest- how many couples are lucky and blessed to have a picturesque beach wedding surrounded by loved ones? One of the best ways to thank your guests for being a part of your special day is by gifting them a small souvenir to take home (besides lavish hugs and kisses of course!). It doesn’t have to be anything expensive- for example, you could gift them a framed photograph, nautical themed magnets or handy gadgets, small candles or even put together a small gift hamper.






A beach wedding does involve plenty of planning and of course help from loved ones, but there’s also probably no better way to say ‘I Do’ to your spouse either!


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