Plan The Perfect Beach Wedding – Part 1

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There’s something so romantic about getting married on a beach- watching the sunset up close, listening to the enthralling sounds of nature, being surrounded by your loved ones and of course, getting married to the person of your dreams! When it comes to beaches in India, probably no other state does it better than Goa. Take your pick from over 50 beaches which provide the perfect setting for your beach wedding.


In this two part article, we’ll be giving you a few tips to help you plan your big day so that your special day goes on without a hitch and so that you walk away with plenty of great memories:


Check out the location

Sure you want a beach wedding and maybe you’ve seen plenty of pictures on websites as well but there’s nothing like checking out the location in person. You need to have an idea about the weather conditions, permissions required to host a private event on the beach itself as well as information with regard to tourist peak hours etc. Some beaches may also not permit you to set up extra furniture such as canopies, beach chairs etc so this needs to be checked out. Depending upon the location, you could also plan some fun activities like parasailing and speed boat rides for your guests.



You probably would not think twice about what time you would like the wedding ceremony to be conducted, if you were getting married in a temple or church as per tradition. But if you’re serious about a beach wedding, then you also have to take a closer look at weather conditions to decide on the actual time of the ceremony itself. If you choose to get married in the afternoon, the intense heat and breeze could play mayhem, whereas if you choose to get married at night, the lack of light is a big factor unless the beach is well-lit.



Go for a different look

A beach wedding is so un-traditional so why go traditional when it comes to thinking about what to wear on your D-Day? Ditch the high heels, we say! If you were planning to wear a large flowing gown, you may want to re-think and opt for something that keeps you comfortable yet looking classy. You don’t want to worry about whether your hairstyle is still looking right or if there is sand on your feet during the ceremony. If a flowing gown or flamboyant Indian wear is something you must have, don’t hesitate to talk to your stylist about the right look for a beach wedding.



Plan the decor accordingly

Candles at every table and gorgeous flower arrangements may be the norm at most weddings but for a beach wedding, the elements take centre stage. Simple reason being that elaborate preparations and delicate pieces are more likely to fall down, break or shatter at a beach wedding and that is a big no-no. Why not go with a more natural touch instead? For instance, you could serve coconut water in its shell to your guests instead of in glasses and you could also have huge umbrellas in the place of a canopy as well.



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