Pre Wedding Rituals and Festivities

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Wedding and pre wedding festivities vary according to culture and tradition in different parts of India but at the same time, some traditions may also overlap in one way or the other. No detail is overlooked and every moment has a stunning effect.

Like any auspicious occasion, a wedding ceremony begins with Ganesh Puja in order to overcome every obstacle. This is followed by Nav Greh Shanti puja to neutralise the negative effect of any planet on the horoscopes of the bride and the groom.


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Henna or mehendi is applied on bride’s hands and feet in the form of beautiful floral patterns just a day or two prior to her wedding. Mehendi function is generally combined with the sangeet ceremony to add a festive touch to it. It is believed that the bride should not step out of her house after the application of henna until her wedding day. Bride’s friends and relatives sing songs and dance to the tune of dholak. They make sure to sing some songs to tease the groom’s mother and other members of his family.

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Holy thread that acts as a protective armour is tied on the wrist of the bride and the groom as a pre wedding ritual to keep the evil spirits away.

Sacred thread

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Chuda ceremony is celebrated at the bride’s place a day prior to the wedding. Red and white bangles are gifted to the bride by her maternal uncle and aunt. Kalire or umbrella shaped ornaments are tied to the chuda by the bride’s cousins and friends.


Gharoli ceremony marks the day of wedding at the groom’s and also the bride’s place. A decorated pitcher is filled with water from a temple which is later used for bath. The gharoli is filled by bhabhi (brother’s wife) or sister of the bride or groom.


This is followed by ubtan or vatna ( paste made from gram flour, turmeric, sandalwood, curd and mustard oil) ceremony. It’s also called the haldi (turmeric) ceremony.  The purpose of gharoli and haldi ceremony is to make the bride and groom go through a ceremonial bath with an aim to cleanse and purify them for wedding rites.

bride's haldi ceremony


groom's haldi ceremony

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