Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

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Modern Indian brides often hire professional artists for their bridal makeup on the day of their wedding ceremony. The most common method of selecting such an artist is through the recommendations of friends and relatives.


Naturally, you would want to go with one who has a good reputation as well as several years of expertise in his/her cache. Makeup forms a significant part of your overall appearance; after all, you are going to be posing for pictures all day long!


Every bride wants to look unique, radiant and feminine on her wedding day. This definitely requires one to choose a makeup expert who will allow her to explore a wide range of possibilities. He/she should ideally allow the bride to choose a style and image of her liking; one that would go a long way in making her feel confident, elegant and sophisticated. Moreover, the stylist should assist the bride and her family in creating an overall calm and enjoyable experience. This will help her look and feel the best on this memorable day.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of questions that every bride must ask her makeup artist in order to help her achieve the perfect look on her perfect day:

  1. Booking procedure-If you have shortlisted a number of artists, it is a good idea to call each one and find out what their booking procedure is. Chances are; the more successful the artist, the busier he/she is bound to be.
  2. Trial makeup– The next thing to do is ask whether the artist allows a trial makeup session. Many artists do so, but in some cases, there may be time limitations. In event this happens, ask for an in-person consultation on the day before the wedding to discuss the products and styles one uses. Trial makeup sessions will allow you time to iron out worries and questions you might have regarding your look on the day. Trials also help you to meet the team members who would be actually helping you out.
  3. Advance booking-It is important to know how far in advance you would be required to book the artist. This includes advance payments.
  4. Cost, payment methods, cancellation -Make sure you ask what the cost includes: some artists might give you a free trial, while others would not. Additionally ask about the payment methods and their policy in event of cancelation.
  5. Time-Do not forget to ask how long the session would last; this will help you plan your day. Also find out how long the makeup will last on the main day.
  6. Location-Do you go to their studio, or do they come to the venue or your home?
  7. Waterproof makeup– Weddings can get emotional. If you are a bride who is bound to cry, you might want to ask for waterproof products.
  8. Preparation required on your behalf-Ask what you need to do for preparing your skin/hair. For example, would you be required to wash your hair before the occasion or start any beauty treatments in advance? Ask whether you should bring your wedding attire to the trial to see which colors would go with the makeup.
  9. Discuss your problems– You might want to tell the artist regarding problems you face with makeup. For example, you might have sensitive skin/acne which does not tolerate harsh products etc.
  10. Bringing your own makeup-Many brides opt to bring their own favorite cosmetic brands.
  11. Opinions-Often brides do not know what they want. In such cases, they want the artists to guide them and tell them which look would suit them the best.
  12. Specific products for specific skin conditions-Do you suffer from acne, rosacea etc? You might want the artists to bring some products that can help cover these effectively.
  13. Hair extensions– If you have short hair, you might want the artists to bring hair extensions for different styles.
  14. Family member trials– Do the artists cover family members’ makeup too? If so, at what cost? Would they need a trial session too?
  15. Airbrush makeup-This type of makeup is gaining a great deal of popularity since the coverage is exceptional without being very obvious. It is also an adaptable makeup technique that can be heavy, light or medium depending on your skin tone. You might want to choose a makeup artist who is skilled in this form of makeup.

Asking these questions can help you make an informed choice regarding the makeup artist you eventually choose for your special day.


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