Real wedding: Namrata is A Pretty-In-Pink Sabyasachi Bride by Renuka Chauhan Photography

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Today we have a treat for you! We are presenting a beautiful orange-yellow-pink themed real wedding story where our bride Namrata wore a pretty pink Sabyasachi creation. Additionally, photographer Renuka Chauhan has sent in a lovely little writeup detailing the gorgeous day for us.

Groom & Bride: Samkit and Namrata unnamed (15)

How They Met: They worked in the same office but they actually started dating after she quit her job (Just goes to prove that “Out of sight is not always out of mind”!). Namrata started her own venture, (something she could put her creative juices into) a boutique restaurant (The Leaky Cauldron) in one of the most sought after locations in Delhi, the Hauz Khaz village. This was no ordinary restaurant, but one inspired by Harry Potter theme.

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Their story: It might sound like a regular love story where a girl meets a boy at work, and they both fall in love. But as a photographer, I saw how different they both were and how the wedding became a melting pot of two different cultures. Namrata is a genuinely very good hearted person, while Samkit has ‘earthy’ qualities that bring stability to their relationship.

The wedding day: The beautiful wedding day was an explosion of colours. It began bit overcast, but within a couple of hours it turned into a bright, sunny day.

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The wedding theme and colours: I appreciate the fact that Namrata was so open to new ideas (and so was her family). I suggested we opt for an orange, pink and yellow decor.

renuka 2

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The wedding dress and jewellery: Namrata happens to be a huge Sabyasachi fan; naturally, she chose a beautiful light pink Sabyasachi creation with antique gold work. For her jewellery, she wore some new and some heirloom pieces. (And once she was ready she couldn’t believe herself, how stunning she looked, as if she had stepped right out of a wedding magazine or a Bollywood Movie! )

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The Groom: Samkit and his family sure know how to make a grand entrance in style!  During the baraat procession, I had the song “Azeem o shaan shehensha, Murhabba” running in my head all throughout (J I am not kidding!)…..

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The best part of shooting an Indian wedding: I love how the two families come together on a day like this one. I see the loving admiration in the bride’s mother’s eyes, the happiness in her brother’s eyes knowing that it is the most important day for his sister. I always see how the father-of-the-bride glances in awe at his little girl, suddenly wondering when she grew old enough to be married. I love how beautiful the world looks from behind my camera; I believe my camera lens to be an extension of myself.  Finally, I love the fact that each and every time a bride-to-be confides in me, I know I have made friends for life!

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From the bride Namrata:

I feel that, no matter how much time you have to digest the fact that you will soon be married, there is nothing that can prepare you for the wedding day when it finally comes! Life suddenly becomes like a huge Bollywood production: The stage is set, and there is lights-camera-action!  The wedding day simply goes by in a blur! I woke up after sleeping for only two hours the previous night-thanks to all the relatives who wanted to know about our love story. Then it was simply a race against time to have all the tasks completed on schedule. I reached the venue to start with my make-up. (I am sure, my under-eye dark circles must have given my make-up artist a nightmare!)

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The stylist and the wedding photographer Renuka then got to work. The latter documented my transformation from a tired looking girl into a graceful Sabyasachi bride.

Upon the arrival of the baraat, my brothers escorted me to the stage, and the entire procession of my family and friends led me with the song “Phoolon ki chaadar”. The song “Aaya din Sajana ka” was also playing in the background.”

Everything felt surreal and dream-like. Once I was on the stage, there was a continuous “bend-seek blessings-receive Sagan” process which seemed to go on for hours! Afterwards, there was an elaborate family lunch, and finally the pheras. After a few emotion-stirring incantations, the priest narrated a volley of vows that bought a smile to my lips. However, soon after, the vidaai music started to play and that triggered the ‘emotional’ switch back on! That was when I finally realized that I would be calling a different place my home.

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All images courtesy Renuka Chauhan Photography

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