Real Weddings: Suchana and Rajendra’s Bollywood Style Bangalore Wedding

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Bride and Groom: Suchana Mishra and Rajendra Kumar Singh

Wedding Date: March 31st 2013

Length of Engagement:  The official engagement was on March 29th 2013, but we have known each other since more than a decade!

Wedding Location: ISKCON, Bangalore

Wedding reception: Mathura Mandap, ISKCON Bangalore

Cocktail Party: Chancery Pavilion, Residency road, Bangalore

Wedding Photographer: Elvin Lonan

How we met: We met while studying Engineering in Orissa, though our departments were different. But for Rajendra it was love at first sight, though I was completely unaware of his feelings. After about five months of knowing each other, he proposed over the phone. We used to speak on the phone daily for hours, and that led to some huge telephone bills! Thankfully, my parents didn’t suspect a thing!

Distance indeed makes the heart grow fonder– After college, we had to face a bit of separation since he left for his MBA in Bangalore while I pursued my M-Tech in Orissa. After completing my M-Tech, I left to join him in Bangalore. I was working at that time, and we had to pick up where we had left off.

There was also a bit of Bollywood style drama in convincing our parents to agree to the match. This was due to the fact that I am an Oriya Brahmin and he is a Punjabi Rajput.  At a point we had to decide to elope and get married and my mother even had to fight with my father in order to attend the ceremony.

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My Wedding dress: My dresses, Ghagra as well as the Saris were all designed and picked up by my sister who is a fashion designer. I did buy some fabrics and concepts from various boutiques around Bangalore; some mentionable ones include Meeraj, Chikpet, Bangalore and Mysore Sari Udyog on Commercial Street, Bangalore.

red sari suchana Suchana-1

Our wedding theme and colours: We arranged the wedding by ourselves and went in for the traditional red and gold colours. Apart from that, we did not have any theme. We just wanted to keep things simple and fresh. I was delighted with the colours my sister chose for my Reception; I received several compliments for the fresh colours.

My Favourite Part of The wedding: The day was magical from start to finish. For me, the most exciting part was the fact that our engagement took place on the anniversary of the day he first proposed 10 years ago!

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My piece of advice for other brides: It is actually possible to plan a wedding by yourself. Just stay calm and also try to relax and have fun. It s an important day in your life; so don’t stress it out!

All images and material courtesy Suchana Mishra and Elvin Lonan.

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