Real Weddings: Ukrainian Bride And Indian Groom’s Gorgeous Double Wedding Ceremony

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Fun and Fresh. That is exactly what this wedding photographed by Moments That Matter is all about. A bright and colourful Hindu ceremony following  an elegant Catholic ceremony on the same day makes this a truly memorable wedding. Here is more in the words of the photographer:

1. Groom and Bride: Chandraprakash Gupta, Olga
2 .Venue: ICRISAT, Hyderabad
3.  What made this shoot unique: This shoot was different and interesting primarily because it was a global wedding in the true sense. The bride Olga is from Ukraine and the groom Chandraprakash is from India. They had a Catholic as well as a Hindu wedding one after the other at the same venue, same evening. Olga’s immediate family and a few friends attended the wedding and loved every bit of the Hindu wedding. Similarly, the family and friends of Chandraprakash loved Olga and wholeheartedly joined in the Catholic wedding proceedings. The after-wedding party was also a true amalgamation of the two cultures and everybody danced to their heart’s content.
The shoot was also a great challenge to handle for many reasons – two wedding styles moulded into one evening (different attires, different rituals) and I had to be on my toes for a very long time so that I didn’t miss any special moments that matter the most. Interestingly, the bride and the groom had totally different skin tones -so setting the right exposure in every picture was an absolute must!
My approach was a mix of a friend + director + invisible candid photographer throughout the wedding. It helped that I did a great pre-wedding shoot with the couple – they knew my style of photography and I knew what worked well with them.

The pre-wedding shoot:



The Catholic Ceremony




The Hindu Ceremony



featured image for olga and CP

The after-wedding partymotm-11



All images courtesy Moments That Matter.

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