Romantic Monsoon Weddings

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The steady drumming of the rain showers, lush greenery everywhere, trees swaying in the wild breeze– these conjure romantic images in the mind. No wonder, many a couple loves to tie the nuptial knot in the rainy season! Whereas the concept is fascinating and appealing, it also poses several practical challenges that one has to tackle so that it becomes a perfect event for everyone.

Baraat procession

As with any other wedding preparation, the first step is to choose a right place for the event. It should offer a great vista so that the sights and sounds of the rain showers are visible. At the same time, it should afford protection and cover from the rains. A properly covered marquee or a room with a view would be an ideal setting for such a wedding. Make sure that the place is accessible and road conditions are suitable for all the guests to arrive on time. It is also practical to invite guests in advance, so that they have enough time for contingency or to just rest and change before the occasion.

A wedding in the rains always has its own risks. Even if you are protected at all times with an umbrella or a roof overhead, there is always a chance of getting wet in the showers. Hence, the choice of attire and dress should be suitable for the season. Choose dresses that would dry easily. The choice of colors should be such that minor spots and stains would not stand out.

The photographers covering the event are usually equipped to handle such events. They carry extra towels and spread so that the couple can pose for the cameras and keep themselves dry. A colorful umbrella can be an interesting accessory to the picture!

Finally, with all the preparations and precautions in place, you can smile and look forward to your dream wedding in the rains. In C Day Lewis’s words…

“Now the peak of summer’s past, the sky is overcast.
And the love we swore would last…”

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