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Shweta and Anjan met in Australia and tied the knot in Chennai, India. They wanted a lovely bridal makeup and pre wedding photoshoot in Noida,  for which they approached Pushpendra Gautam of SimplyPush Photography. Here are the details of the ‘fabulously great time they had’.


Bride and Groom: Shweta and Anjan , reside in Melbourne, Australia. Shweta works for Telstra and Anjan for Ford. Their Story: “To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.”― Mark Twain

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“It all began when Anjan moved to Australia from the U.S in 2011. It was during this time that he had seen Shweta in a random Facebook photo on his cousin sister’s profile. A few weeks later with the help of the very same cousin sister , they met for a casual evening coffee along the banks of the river Yarra in Melbourne.  They give conflicting accounts as to how the other person came across during that momentous first date?

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Starting then and in the weeks and months to come, they embarked on a wonderful journey of discovering each other; the things they had in common and the things they admired and loved about each other. They dated for about two years before Anjan took Shweta back to the place where they first met and proposed to her. Needless to say; she said “YES”!!!! They excitedly launched into months of planning their wedding, fully supported by their loving parents, family and friends. On the 25th January, 2014, at a beautiful sea side location just outside of Chennai, they promised their love to each other and became husband and wife.   Anjan describes Shweta as bubbly, honest, kind and most of all a loving person who always has “a million things to say”!Shweta describes Anjan as a calm, patient and sensitive person who is extremely caring towards everyone around him. Shweta thinks he is the funniest person she has met and because of him she smiles more and laughs harder.”

Makeup Artist Pallavi Sharma : Delhi bridal makeup pic Dress Designer: Shubhangini Singh Sp-bridal lehenga 2

Pushpendra’s experience shooting the wedding: “Shweta is an awesome human being. She came across as a soft spoken, classy and elegant bride-to-be. Although in the beginning I only had the chance to deal and converse with Shweta, I later realized that I got along very well with Anjan as well. The couple was ever-ready and flexible in terms of ideas about the shoot. We had been exchanging discussing how to go about it and what exactly they wanted. I had a great time shooting their post-reception pictures. It was a cold foggy Noida night and they were extremely cooperative and I believe I got some fantastic images then.

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