Simple Nail Art Ideas for Your Wedding

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As your wedding date approaches, it’s time to think about how you want your nails to look on the big day. For a flawless finish to your ensemble, give the following simple nail art designs a try:

Pearl Nails

One of the most important factors to take into consideration as you choose your wedding nail art is your dress. If you have a pearl-fronted dress, then why not add pearls to your nails as well? Pearl nail art is easy to do, and is sure to add a simple, elegant finish to your wedding day look. If your nail artist doesn’t offer pearl nails, then you can even D.I.Y this style at home. Go to your salon for a French manicure base, and then use nail glue to attach your pearls. Real pearls will stick on the most easily, and are surprisingly affordable. For a classic look, choose a white akoya pearl. For something a little more unique and edgy, a baroque pearl will do the trick. To add a flash of color to your ensemble, you can even choose a pink, blue, or gold pearl.

Indian nail art with pearls

Lace Nails

If your dress or veil incorporates lace, then lace nails will add the perfect touch to your wedding ensemble. A lacy look is quick, simple, and can be achieved in a couple of different ways. For the ultimate lacy style, add real lace to your nails by attaching lace strips to a pink, white, or beige base. For a more subtle lacy look, position a strip of lace over your nail and then paint over it with white polish. When you pull the lace away, you’ll be left with a simple, elegant lacy design.

Diamond Nails

For a touch of diamond-like sparkle, add a plain glitter polish to your nails and then bejewel with rhinestones or cubic zirconia (if you have the budget for it, you can even buy real diamond accents). For a simple look, add a single stone to each nail. For something a little more flashy, create a spray-like pattern, or a line of stones across the bottom of each nail. This look can be combined with either pearls or lace for dazzling finish.

diamond nail art bridal

 Bow Nails

 For an easy look that stands out, pick up some miniature white satin bows from your local arts and crafts store. If you can’t find any small enough to fit your nails, then head to your nearest Card shop retailer. A lot of wedding cards feature little bows that can be easily removed. Starting out with a pale pink, beige, or clear coat of polish, attach a single bow to each nail. As well as going with just about any dress, this look is remarkably easy to achieve at home.

bow nail art for Indian bride

 Touch of Gold Nails

For a subtle hint of color, try adding a single gold stripe to each of your nails. If you have a yellow gold engagement ring, then this look will also blend beautifully with your band. To achieve, simply top a white, nude, or beige base with gold striping tape. If you don’t have the steadiest hands, then I recommend leaving this one to the professionals–positioning the tape evenly across each nail can be something of a challenge. 

This guest post was contributed by  Naomi Janelle Shaw -a journalist, beautician and full-time mom. Follow her on Facebook.

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