Skin Care Tips For A Monsoon Wedding Bride

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As a monsoon wedding bride, we know you want to look your very best and wow your guests with a peachy glowing complexion on D-Day. Here are a few tips every monsoon wedding bride should know:


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Skin: Nobody really talks about it but the monsoon season also sees a high rise in the number of skin fungal infections. So, it’s important to wear dry clothes all the time, avoid wearing wet footwear and to keep your skin clean at all times. We’d also suggest going easy on heavy face creams and exfoliating the skin at least two times a week besides using face packs. Natural products are undoubtedly the best as they are ultra mild on the skin and don’t usually produce the kind of rash associated with other chemical induced beauty products. Don’t forget to remove all traces of makeup before you retire for the night as they could result in pimples or acne.

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Hair: Want bouncy hair that shines with health? Then load up on protein which gives you healthy hair from within. Although the monsoons are the main reason why one’s hair tends to look limp or flat, improper care of the hair could also lead to dandruff and other scalp related infections. Wash your hair two to three times a week so that your scalp stays clean and enjoy seasonal fruits and veggies in your meals as well. Try to use mild products that do not damage your hair or which could cause hairfall. A trip to a hair spa will also do your crowning mane a world of good.

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Most nutritionists also recommend that monsoon wedding brides stay hydrated at all times. Besides drinking plain water, how about also including lime water, green tea, buttermilk and also coconut water as a part of your diet? These great refreshers can be made within minutes and give your body so many nutrients while rejuvenating you from within. We think that a trip to a renowned spa for a full body massage and pampering just before your special day would relax your body and mind too.


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