Slim Brides: Tips To Gain Weight before the D-Day

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Most brides need tips for aiding them in their weight loss goals. However, we have also received queries from a few of our brides-to-be looking to gain weight and curves for their D-day. Yes, there are naturally-slim women out there who desire packing a few pounds and they often feel there aren’t enough resources to help them in this matter. Some think it must be a simple matter to put on weight since all one needs to do is stuff oneself up with loads of paneer tikka!


Unfortunately, for the ultra-slim-bride-to-be, gaining weight does not come easy. It just has something to do with her super-fast metabolism that simply burns whatever calories she puts in. Additionally, slim women who find it difficult to gain weight are also at a risk of low bone density and muscle mass. Thankfully, there is hope for these naturally slim women since scientific research has shown that all one needs to do is eat right and exercise differently than people trying to lose weight.


As per Ayurveda , the ancient Indian medical science, skinny people belong to the Vata category. They need to eat sweets, typically containing healthier sugars in the form of molasses or jaggery rather than processed sugars. They must also eat the right kinds of salty items (made from pure rock salt or sea salt) as well as food containing natural healthy oils. Coconut oil is abundantly used in Indian cooking and is high in saturated fatty acids, vitamin E, phytosterols and phenolic compounds. This is a great medium to cook in and can help you gain weight without increasing the overall cholesterol. If you balk at the smell and flavor of coconut oil, you can opt for all-natural, organic or virgin coconut oil. Likewise, olive oils, canola oils and almond oils are also great cooking media for those looking to pack pounds in a healthy manner.


Additionally, you must ensure a diet that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids typically found in fatty fish (like salmon), walnuts, flax seeds etc. If you are a vegetarian, you can opt for beans and leafy green foods. You must also take milk and vitamin D supplements (or at least get it through sunshine) as that helps you absorb the calcium from your food. Also, with a doctor’s advice, you may start multivitamin supplements containing iron to combat anemia.

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Protein is very important when trying to gain weight. Chicken and other lean meats are recommended for non-vegetarians. For vegetarian brides, smoothies with protein powders, tofu, soya nuggets, beans and legumes, nuts and nut butter, and whole grain such as quinoa are the alternative food items containing good amount of protein. You should also eat 4 to 6 small meals through the day when trying to gain weight.

You can enroll in a gym and get advice from trainers regarding gaining weight and healthy curves. Most trainers recommend a bit of cardio, resistant and core strength training for women trying to gain muscles without appearing bulky.

These are a few tips for gaining weight in a healthy manner. It is important to feel good about the body you have. Do remember that there are many who would love to be in your shoes, so feel good about yourself and be confident.


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