Supplier Spotlight: Interview With Top Makeup Artist Melanie Rawat Of Blush Salon

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Today, for our wedding supplier spotlight feature, we are firing some questions at the beautiful and talented makeup artist from Mumbai and Pune based Blush Salon,  Melanie Rawat. 

1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you start Blush?

I began my career in beauty in the year 2000.  I am a Sociology graduate and currently pursuing  a Doctorate in Naturopathy from the Indian Medical Board of Alternative Medicine. Before starting  this venture, I had worked as a Clinic Manager for Marico (Kaya) in the Sales Division  for 5 years and as Salon Manager for Enrich Lokhandwala. I was also the head trainer for the hair  Mumbai branch of VLCC for two years. My professional certifications include:
•       Hair Certified from Juice (Toni&Guy)
•       City and Guild Certification (UK)

I started Blush Salon in early 2006, in Mumbai and later opened a second salon in Goregaon in 2010. This one is located on Film City Road. Blush’s mission is to give every customer the highest standard of service in every area of treatment.  To this end, we ensure that our staff and technicians are well trained with theoretical and practical knowledge that encompasses a comprehensive array of beauty treatments and services. From hair styles to skin care, beauty and bridal treatments, we have it all!

Blush salon- Melanie Makeup Artist

2) Can you walk us through the process of a bridal consultation? What are the steps involved from the first visit to her final makeup and hair on the Big Day?

The bride is the cynosure of all eyes on her wedding day. Even before the dress and the hair or the jewelry is admired, the focus would be on her face. At Blush Salon, we understand this and that is why we pay close attention to our bridal makeup procedures. Our aim is to perfect the effect of a stunning dress and gorgeous hairdo with a face that is flawless in its beauty and presentation. The two essential aspects that must meet in the middle are the bride’s personal preferences and the texture and tone of her skin. Indian brides are usually dressed in shades of red, gold or white and most wear jewelry and accessories that compliment these colors. We do not believe in applying makeup like heavy paint. Our approach is just to enhance the bride’s existing features and beautiful skin, while underplaying any problem areas. With our skill, experience and approach, any bride will look her absolute best, whether indoors or outdoors and under any kind of lighting and weather conditions. To ensure this, we have put together a comprehensive package that begins with cleansing and clean-up and ends with the last artistic touch of color. The result – a perfection that even the movie stars would covet!

3) Could you share one experience with a bride who was totally worried about her skin/hair and how you turned things around to make her look like the princess she deserved?
  Yes my client Mansi  (The daughter of the owner of Spykar Jeans in Vile Parle Mumbai.) She wanted a typical Maharshtrian look.   She had a very sensitive skin which was also quite oily ( she had many other concerns too) and  was very worried about the kind of look she wanted for the day. So, we had to do a consultation for  her  once by my manager and second by me. We then gave her complete skin service and a  makeup trial which she needed .We used Bobbi Brown cosmetics which are formulated for sensitive skin types. The result: a Happy Bride!

bridal makeovers by Melani Rawat Blush Salon India

Then we had Naina from Malad in Mumbai. She was a lecturer by profession and had absolutely no idea about makeup, what products suited her etc. We had to do 3 trial consultations. She too was completely satisfied with her wedding look.

Here is an image of a NRI client-Linda-another satisfied client of Blush!

bridal makeover by Melanie Rawat of Blush salon Mumbai

4) Makeup artists are also business owners. How do you remain professional at the same time establish a rapport with your clients?

The  consultation is the key. As a professional, I need to know the details about each client before I can suggest any kind of enhancement service. I also need to know their expectations. So, this way my professionalism is taken care and at the same time, I make sure I listen to the client to known what their expectations are from me. This helps me establish a rapport with each one.

bridal makeovers by Melani Rawat Blush Salon India

5) Any general skincare tips for brides and grooms?

Certainly. Always drink tons of water to stay hydrated from inside out. We also have a diet consultation for each bride where I personally oversee her nutrition. Next, a good skin care regime is a must. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing along with 8 hours of sleep is very important. Exercise is also essential, but one should not overdo things. The skin and hair care consultation varies from client to client and is especially different for the grooms. We take time to address specific concerns like acne, hair fall etc. Accordingly, we recommend a regime for each client.

6) Do you vary your makeup products based on the season in which the wedding takes place?

Yes, most certainly we do. The makeup products vary based on the season and the destination of the wedding , since every women has a different skin texture as well as hair. Based on this, we decide the products for e.g: for brides with dry skin , we recommend a regime a month before the wedding using products that keep the skin hydrated and we also use extra hydrating makeup-we avoid gel based products for these clients since gel based product can make the skin even drier.

bridal makeovers by Melani Rawat Blush Salon India

7) What should a bride look for in her makeup artist?

A bride should feel comfortable with her stylist. The stylist should spend time addressing her doubts and queries and put her at ease. S/he should understand that she, the bride, is undergoing quite an emotional upheaval during this phase. And, of course, the bride-to-be should feel she is in good hands and that she will look her absolute best on the Big Day.

8) How does a typical wedding day go on for you? Can you walk us through it-where you either visit the wedding venue to render your services or the bride comes to your salon?

As mentioned above , we do salon service as well destination weddings, so yes, we do  travel. As our brides are known to us by then, we know her skin type and hair texture 2 months prior to her wedding. So on that  special day we do not waste any more time. We already have all the information we need about her as we have kept a separate file for each client. We also use photos she might have liked-say a particular up do she has liked and her wedding colors etc. On the wedding day, when a bride has multiple costume changes, we know that time is of essence. So we keep her clothes ready so that we can quickly get her hair and makeup touches redone in between her rituals.

bridal makeovers by Melani Rawat Blush Salon India

9) How long does it take for you to complete a bride’s look?

No more than 45 minutes to an hour.

10) Finally, what makeup styles do you use: contemporary, traditional?
  I like versatility in my work. Every bride has different expectations. We make sure to set these clear before hand. We also know that every bride has to achieve a fine balance between modern and traditional look, based on her family’s expectations and the style of her wedding. Accordingly, we adjust the look and products.

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