Supplier Spotlight: Meet Top Bridal Designer Anjali Sharma of French Curve

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Anjali Sharma of French Curve is known for her classy, feminine silhouettes and timeless designs. Her bridal line ANJALI SHARMA is a stunning mix of beautiful traditional designs and contemporary elements and it retails out of some of the finest stores in India. We caught up with Anjali to discuss what is in store for Indian brides this wedding season…

1) Welcome aboard weddingsonline India. Can you tell us about your designing style? How do you balance the contemporary with the traditional?

​Every new silhouette that I think of, is usually draped by myself and I make the first prototype of the garment. Thereafter my team takes over and transfers it on paper. Our signature style is stunning and everything is beautifully hand crafted as a major chunk of the business is Bridal, however individual design details are kept edgy and sometimes funky to add an element of surprise.

Top bridal designer Anjali Sharma of French Curve

2) What is the inspiration and process you use for each season?

​There is a technical seasonal process of design which we are careful to follow. We do our research and development  in colors and silhouettes ahead of every collection. And talking about inspirations, they are omnipresent, one has to be sensitive to soak them in.

3) What is your take on latest bridal trends? Can you highlight your favourite trend this year?

​My favourite bridal trend clearly is the fun element. Brides seem to be having a ball at their wedding nowadays. They don’t seem to be stressed and are looking gorgeous! Wedding photographers are having a field day shooting and bridal designers certainly are experimenting ​with colors and trims like never before.
Top bridal designer Anjali Sharma of French Curve

4) What type of bride/woman do you keep in mind while designing?

The happy and beautiful on the inside kind!

Top bridal designer Anjali Sharma of French Curve

5) What is your favourite moment in the designing process?

The Eureka moment! When everything about the design is crystal clear- the color, the silhouette, The embellishment, the detail, the construction, the fall, the fit.​

6)What is your price range for bridal trousseau?

​We start at 50,000 INR and go upward.​

7) If you were to dress one Bollywood beauty, who would it be?

Aditi Rao Hydari in bridal wear

​Aditi Rao Hydari. She is ethereal without being overpowering.​

8) What are the most important things an Indian bride should keep in mind when selecting her wedding dresses?

​The body shape is a very important element to keep in mind. Every other aspect can rotate around this.​
Top bridal designer Anjali Sharma of French Curve

9) Which is one style that flatters everyone?

​The sari is eternal.​

10) Finally, what can we expect next from French Curve?

​Our Indian Bridal retails under ANJALI SHARMA. We are a design house that does absolutely stunning items of clothing in small numbers. Next couple of seasons we are looking to experiment with vintage details in rich Indian colours.

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