Supplier Spotlight: MadSamTinZin Wedding Dress Designers Of Dolly Ki Doli Fame

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Whether you are opting for an intimate celebration or a big fat shindig on your wedding day; MadSamTinZin-one of the brilliant dress designers on the sets of recently released Bollywood flick Dolly Ki Doli-can help you create your dream wedding trousseau. weddingsOnline India spoke to the team regarding what’s hot and trendy during this wedding season.

1)      Can you explain the meaning behind the name ‘MadSam TinZin’? Also tell us a bit about your background and how did it all start for the 4 of you..

MadSamTinZin is a common vision of four diverse creative minds, namely; Madhuritu(Mad), Saumya(Sam),Tina(Tina) and Stanzin (Zin). From doing college projects together at The NIFT (Mumbai) to opening a Brand, has been quite a euphoric journey. We started our label on 1.1.12 and launched our flagship store in Delhi, Shahpurjat, in May, 2012. A couple of months before that, coincidently all four of us had left our respective organizations and were exploring options to enhance our creativity and work on something more permanent and long-lasting. It was then, that we decided to meet over drinks, just like the old times and forge this friendship into partnership. Endless meetings over the brand name, brand philosophy, rules etc, and our spending days together over this entire process, made us realise that work place doesn’t need to be a mundane set up, any place could be fun with friends; and thus grew our brand and our bond.

2)      How did Dolly Ki Doli happen? How was it working with the cast?

Dolly Ki Doli dress by MadSam TinZin online

We have been on perniaspopupshop for a while, and have received quite a lot of queries for dressing celebrities from that very forum, but nothing really materialised before this, until we got a query from Karuna Laungani, who was dressing Sonam for this movie. Thereafter started a series of e-mail exchanges  up until the stylists finally visited our store and were convinced about the look they wanted to put together for the movie We coordinated with the stylist over the look and feel of the shot for the movie and would fill them in with options from what we could offer. Luckily, for us,  some options clicked and have worked pretty well for the movie.

Also, Sonam carries the MadSamTinZin ensembles in the movie with great ease and seems extremely comfortable in our outfits.

 3)      What trends do you forecast for 2015, as far as weddings are concerned? What are your favourite trends?

As more and more young adults are becoming economically  independent, well traveled and having their head firmly above their shoulders, they are coming to realise the importance of simplicity in wedding affairs. The couple getting married mostly have an opinion of what they want out of the wedding and so, their style also reflects in the outfits they choose. Over the top embroidery and jarring colour combinations have taken a backseat, giving way to simpler styles and minimalist embroidery, which gets us in the picture. Mostly brides, want a heavier outfit for the wedding and an easy outfit for their sangeet/mehendi functions, wherein they can let their hair down and be their ebullient self and enjoy the day.  As for 2015, in our opinion, the brides will concentrate on looking more like themselves for their D-day. With a focus on natural makeup and comfortable outfits, clever separates and re-usable trousseau ( for a friend’s / family wedding) will play a major role in influencing their choices.

Red continues to be every bride’s favourite colour, but the hue of red and colour combinations with it, will be an exciting change to watch out for. We have done a MadSamTinZin signature red hue, (which slants more towards a pink –red burst of colour), in combination with a pot blue; and that seems to be catching on with a lot of young brides to be.

Indian wedding dress by MadSamTinZin

MadSamTinZin wedding dress

4)      Who/what inspires you? What does fashion mean for MadSam TinZin?

Life is an inspiration for us! Friendship, travelling and gossiping enhances our camaraderie and inspires us to create something new, every day. We believe in creating something that at least one of us would wear. So having four different body types and four perceptions, helps us keep our creations very wearable. At the same time, all four of us very strongly believe in quality, and so that one factor is of extreme importance and is easily recognizable in a MadSamTinZin ensemble. Our brand’s core is defined by the use of the purest  fabrics, customized hand embroidery (we are against the use of anything other than hand embroidery), our brand offers a product which is crafted diligently and dexterously by our team. Fashion for MSTZ, is not to focus on a particular trend and make that common to our clients, rather, understanding a client’s need, their body type, complexion et al and then suggesting a style (according to times) which flatters them the most- brings out their personality to the fullest!! Also, for our brand, less is more!

Our flattering silhouettes as well as minimalist and delicately crafted  hand embroidery enhance the personality of the wearer, rather than overpowering it. If a person is comfortable in whatever he/she dons, the outfit naturally compliments the wearer, so signifying the personal style of the wearer!

Madsam Tinzin online wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses

We, as designers, admire and appreciate the work of fine veterans in our country – Sabyasachi and Anamika Khanna are expert couturiers that we have always looked up to. New comers like Aneeth Arora and Rahul Mishra,we feel,  have carved a niche for themselves with a very different approach in design.. As for international designers, we truly admire the work of Ellie Saab, his beautiful gowns are dream-like!

 5)      How do you describe your label?

The start of 2012 saw a combined vision of four talented minds come to life as MadSamTinZin; to establish a fresh new  take on Contemporary Indian trousseau. The brand aspires to marry the modern minimalist aspirations of today’s young bride with the timeless classic aura of deep-rooted Indian wedding tradition. Each piece is a statement, not just in itself, but of self. With its holistic contemporary conceptualization, MadSamTinZin also approaches the family and friends of the bride, dressing each woman up to enhance her individuality through her attire. The brand’s quirkiness is further augmented through design aesthetics in the ensembles that “proffer women the freedom to don ornate jewellery without being garish, and allow for fusions with western garb. Our brand, though, has its roots in tradition-at the same time, we feel we also represent the new-age India.” The beauty behind such crisp aesthetics creates opportunities for the bride to wear her trousseau over the years, keeping the memories of her day alive and fresh, instead of ageing in an old trunk.   The collection is a ‘classic to quirk ‘ interpretation of young bridal sensibilities. The fabrics with their purity, become the core for flowing silhouettes, scintillating contemporary embroideries and drapes that make one look timeless and ethereal. The ensembles are created in bespoke signature colours, defined and created by the designers for the real women- individualistic and strong. The ornamentation and embellishments are remarkably understated and lend itself to the collection’s unique sensibility. After all, “the MadSam  TinZin  trousseau does not have the trappings of the conventional bridal gear. A MadSam TinZin Bride has the freedom to “unload, unwind and have fun”, especially at her own wedding!” according to the four young curators behind the brand. “

mad sam tin zin wedding dresses

6)      Any bridal dos and don’ts that you recommend for our readers?

Please always keep things simple… yourself…a strict no-no is to go in for an over the top cakey make-up look!! It takes everything away from who you are,  and that too on the most important day of your life. Get jewellery that compliments the outfit and work on simpler necklines for a heavier neck piece. Try and strike the right balance between classic and quirky, by going in for rich heirloom fabrics but younger, fresher silhouettes and edgy styling. A smart style tip is to pick up clever separates that will see you through not just your bridal days but also your post bridal family dinners and get-together’s-that is essentially a smarter way of handling the big fat Indian weddings,without burning a hole in the pocket.

7)      Finally-that one wedding accessory, look or trend for a magical bridal look-Please share it with our brides-to-be….

Please don’t do a lot of colours on one outfit, rather keep it a potent mix of one or two colours which work best for your skin tone, and bring out the best in you. Also, invest in a pair of comfortable high heels- this is the most important wedding accessory, which will ensure that you enjoy the most memorable day of your life, without having to suffer the fatigue of the relentless meet-and-greet of the day!

 All images courtesy MadSamTinZin

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