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A photograph not only takes you down the memory lane, it also brings a smile to your face when you relive the memories several years later. Wedding photographs are no different:  especially so for the bride and groom who are too busy participating in their wedding rituals and ceremonies. The hosting families also tend to miss the fun happening elsewhere on the venue. This is where a good wedding photographer comes into the picture (pun intended). He/she is responsible for capturing those moments so that the families can enjoy them once the wedding excitement is over. In fact; your wedding day photographer is your best friend on the D- day.  Today, we shall be featuring exclusive Indian wedding photography by Shruti Moghe, a Pune based photographer, who believes firmly in this ideology. She mainly covers weddings in  and around Pune and has done a few destination weddings too.  Says Shruti : “the most important things in life aren’t things, but moments. I want to capture those special moments on your special day so that they remain with you forever. There is an increasing demand for women photographers as more and more brides seek to have the details of their special day captured by someone they are comfortable with”. Here are a few of  Shruti’s amazing captures:


“It is the small details that excite me. Take this simple frame, the bride is not ready but I love this photo since it speaks volumes, not to mention it was taken very early in the morning!”. dance “Indian weddings are incomplete without naach ganaa”… dog

“Here is a bride saying goodbye to her dog as she leaves for the Mandap”… eye

 “I simply had to capture this bride’s beautiful almond shaped eyes” fun “I prefer shooting in natural light…setting up the lights and other equipment can be very time consuming and one can miss some important  shots”…. grandma

“The groom’s grandmother looks elegant…and the bokeh surrounding her completes the picture…” hugging “Two friends meeting after a long time at a wedding”….


“The bride’s mother and sister look upon her as the father performs the wedding rituals…”


“This is relatively a simple Mehendi design but has great significance since it was done by the bride’s sister”

All images courtesy Shruti Moghe Photography.

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