Katha: Your Indian Wedding Story By Tejes Nayak Photography

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Since times immemorial, marriages have been a cherished part of our culture. Every bride and groom wants the mesmerizing moment of their wedding to be treasured forever. Since most Indian weddings throb with vivacity and lavishness, they also need to be ‘captured’ in a unique fashion through innovative wedding photography.

Katha (The Indian wedding Story) is a concept created by Tejes Nayak Photography. This team of energetic photographers and videographers documents your wedding story right from the pre-wedding rituals to the Bidaai. They ensure that you have memoir of your D-day through themed albums, clean prints and candid close-up and wide angle shots.

Neha and Baijnath tied the knot on January 22nd 2012 at the Goregaon Sports Club.  The wedding theme was traditional but the groom wanted his wedding photos to be completely non-traditional. Tejes Nayak Photography helped achieve this objective. Here are some pictures of Neha-Baijnath wedding at the Goregaon Sports Club, Mumbai on Jan 22nd 2012:

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All images courtesy Tejes Nayak Photography

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