The Indian Bridal Eye Makeup

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The Indian bridal eye makeup greatly differs from the eye makeup styles from other parts of the world. It is a lot bolder and often includes bright colors. It may match the bridal attire or contrast with it. The key to wearing lot of colors is to balance and harmonize them- all the colors must blend seamlessly.

Here we shall present some expert recommended tips for Indian bridal eye makeup.

  1. The eye can be divided in three regions: the brow bone, the middle lid and the inner corner. All three regions must be taken care of in order to catch the light and get good wedding day photographs.
  2. For the eyelids; the use of kohl or eyeliners is a must in Indian bridal makeup. Most makeup artists suggest the use of gel eyeliners as they are easier to apply and also water-proof. Unlike pencil liners, gel liners can last all day long.
  3. The eye shadow-Experts recommend using contrasting colors i.e. brides with lighter dresses can use darker hues and vice a versa. One must generally opt for matte eye-shadows that are a shade or two lighter than one’s complexion. This gives the eye a brighter look as well as a natural appearance. Avoid frosted, shiny and glossy eye shadows as these do not photograph well.
  4. Use an under eye concealer to hide dark circles. Air brushing is also a great way for getting a flawless look on the wedding day.  If you have puffy or swollen eyes, place cold cucumber slices prior to applying the eye makeup. This will help constrict the blood vessels and bring down the swelling. Additionally you may use eye drops that can help reduce eye redness.
  5. After applying the eye makeup, ensure using highlight colors on the brow-bone. This will not be visible but will definitely make your eyes look well defined in the photos. You may also use the same highlight color to dab onto the inner corners of the eyes to add brightness to the look.
  6. False eyelashes can be used to add ‘oomph’ to the overall appearance. Make sure that you are used to wearing them as they can get pretty uncomfortable.
  7. If you have sparse eyebrows make use of a brow pencil. Do not over darken the brows as the effect is not always flattering.

Here are some beautiful eye makeup photographs.

Photos: 1) Sandeep Gupta Photography 2) Makeupartists 3) 4) DKreate Photography 5) Indian Bride Tumblr

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