Tips on Choosing a Candid Wedding Photographer- Part 2

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As promised, we give you more tips on what to look for while choosing a candid wedding photographer.



Take time to go through the photographer’s portfolio. You may be very eager to seal the deal with the hottest and much raved about photography talent in town but unless you have a clear idea about what your wedding album is bound to look like, don’t be in a rush to ask him or her to block dates for you. It may sound surprising, but many couples actually find it difficult to ask an established photographer to show them a sample of whatever work he or she has done for other clients in the past. A photographer, who isn’t willing to let you take a peek at his work is best avoided. However, if you do end up rejecting a photographer or two, make sure you do so in a diplomatic and polite manner!


Ensure that both of you are comfortable with the candid wedding photographer you choose. Most candid wedding photographers prefer to visit their respective clients’ homes as it gives them a better idea about the other family members as well. Don’t be surprised if your photographer asks for a few informal photography sessions with you and your would-be. It’s just his or her way of getting to know the two of you better. In fact, once your candid wedding photographer has a better opportunity to see the both of you in your element, it’s bound to have a profound impact on the photographs taken as well.


Have a budget because all candid wedding photographers do not charge alike. Ironically, wedding photography can cost a bomb and most couples find that they are eventually left with pictures that they don’t even like! Don’t be shy about discussing costs with your photographer as he or she may even be able to customize a special package for you based on a budget that you give. Professional studios may also ask you to sign a contract featuring their terms and conditions but ensure that you understand each clause before actually signing on the dotted line.

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