July’s Top 5 Wedding Photographers Listed on weddingsOnline

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Looking for creative and candid wedding photographers in India for your big day? From traditional to contemporary to photojournalistic to creative or candid- name a style of wedding photography and we have a supplier for you! Why compromise? Choose from the very best to create lasting memories of your wedding day.

Presenting top 5 wedding photographers listed on weddingsOnlineIndia

  1. Filmwala

Filmwala is a dynamic and talented team of wedding photographers located in Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are energetic, loving, conscientious and dynamic and apart from wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots, they also specialize in product photography, fashion photography, portrait photography, family photography and architecture photography. But what they love calling themselves is “specialists of wedding stories”.

top 5 Indian wedding Photographers

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  1. The Team Photographers

Their name says it all! This dynamic team of photographers strives to give you lasting memories of your Big Day. The Team understands that a wedding day goes by in a blur and so they take it upon themselves to capture it. As a couple, you would be busy with the rituals and ceremony. But the Team Photographers will make sure that you get to view all the fun happening elsewhere at your wedding venue- this way, you will not miss any part of the story that occurs on that day.

Top 5 wedding photographers in India

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  1. Studio Viscom

Studio Viscom was established in 1982 when they first started crafting personalized wedding documentaries and films in a cinematic style. Having been in this field for more than 2 decades, the team has the expertise of capturing candid, emotional and subtle moments with the greatest ease. In their own words: “The best shots are taken when you and your guests are least aware of it”.

top 5 wedding photographers in India

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  1. Balaji Digital Vision

Eyes like shutter, mind like a lens– this is the tagline of Balaji Digital Vision who believe it is an ‘honour’ to be called upon to shoot a wedding. Their style combines portraiture and classic photojournalism for fresh and unique images that are bound to be appreciated by all. They do give you directions as to how to pose, yet, at the same time, they allow things to naturally fall in place so as to allow candid interactions and emotions to tell your story. They are flexible, accommodating and open to feedback and suggestions so as to create images that truly reflect who you are.

top 5 wedding photographers in India weddingsOnline

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5. Anu Graphics

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of photography, Anu Graphics is a team of dynamic, hardworking and result oriented professionals recognized by various prestigious photography awards. They have excellent know-how of image editing, manipulation and restoration and also of theme definition for graphic designing and photo albums.

Top 5 wedding photographers in India

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