Top 5 Mumbai Wedding Photographers Today-Part 2

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When you’re looking for a photographer who knows how to capture each frame and make it come alive, look no further than our top Mumbai wedding photographers for your special day as well as to cover other special functions. Here are 5 more top Mumbai wedding photographers who have earned their place in the hall of photography fame!

Dream In Focus

top mumbai wedding photographerstop mumbai wedding photographers

Both images courtesy Dream in Focus

Photography isn’t just about people according to this fabulous team of photographers, its more about capturing the perfect emotions and expressions every minute and every hour. This team believes in taking those shots that tell a story on their own and which captures the subject’s personality perfectly. If that sounds like the kind of photography you would like on your special day, give these talented people a call today.

Aarthi Videos

top mumbai wedding photographers

top mumbai wedding photographers

Both images courtesy Aarthi Videos

What started as a childhood passion for John, the talent behind Aarthi Videos, became a calling for life somewhere along the way. Expression, creativity and emotions are the three magical ingredients that are the secret behind each shot that John and his team capture. So, if a photographer who understand soul and unspoken emotion is who you think you’d be comfortable with, then look no further than this top Mumbai wedding photographer.

Confetti Films

top mumbai wedding photographerstop mumbai wedding photographers

Both images courtesy Confetti Films

One look at their portfolio and you’’ll understand why they deserve to be called a top Mumbai wedding photographer. The photos which capture the emotion of a comely bride or of a couple’s first photo together, look like they’ve been taken straight from a glossy magazine. Wedding photos with plenty of flair and style- that’s what Confetti Films has to offer you.

Kaustubh’s Photography

top mumbai wedding photographerstop mumbai wedding photographers

Kaustubh is one of the top Mumbai wedding photographers in the city today who believes that a photographer is nothing without the power of observation. And, it’s not surprising that this skill is translated beautifully into his photos too. Whether it’s a pre-wedding photo album that you want to make or if you want a few photos captured of the haldi ceremony, you can be certain that Kaustubh is the right photographer for you. Take a look at his portraits and you’ll understand why he’s much sought after!

Both images courtesy Kaustubhs Photography

Sigman Photography

top mumbai wedding photographertop mumbai wedding photographer

Sift through the Sigman portfolio and you’ll understand why each snap is so picture perfect- there’s a husband-wife duo behind the scenes who are creating their mark silently yet surely. Whatever the occasion, the duo try to make each picture unusual and strive hard to ensure that nobody two photos are alike. Whether it’s a portrait or a group photo, their signature spark is hard to miss.

Both images courtesy Sigman Photography

Main image: Confetti Films

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